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Sing with Fairouz: Reminds Me of Autumn Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! I know for a fact that all you dear Arabic lovers love Fairouz and her beautiful songs. I can never get enough of her songs and I never ever feel bored listening to her different albums. Today, I want to share with you another beautiful ballad by the great Fairouz! The song is called Bizaker Bil Kharif (بيذكر بالخريف), which literally translates to ‘Reminds Me of Autumn.’ You all know by now that I love Autumn and one of my first posts here on Fairouz was about this beautiful rendition of the famous jazz standard Autumn Leaves. I have added the song in the form of a YouTube video as well as the lyrics in Arabic. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic so that you can follow and sing with Fairouz, and translated them to English so that you can learn what these beautiful lyrics mean.

فيروز – بيذكر بالخريف
Fairouz – Reminds Me of Autumn

بتذكرك كل ما تيجي لتغيّم
I remember you every time it gets cloudy

وجهك بيذكّر بالخريف
Your face reminds me of autumn
بترجع لي كل ما الدني بدها تعتم
You come back to me when the world starts to get dark
مثل الهوأ اللي مبلّش عَ الخفيف
Like the wind that blows lightly
القصة مش طقس يا حبيبي
It’s not about the weather darling
هاي قصة ماضي كان عنيف
It’s about the past that was rough
بس هلق ما بتذكر شكل وجهك
But now  I don’t remember your face
بس بذكر قديش كان أليف
I only remember how familiar it (your face) was
بعده أليف .. وبعدك ظريف
It’s still familiar… you are still handsome
بعدو بيعنيلك مثلي الخريف
Autumn still means to you like it means to me
خبرني إن .. بعدك بتحن
Tell me… do you still long for me?
ما بعرف ليش عم بحكي ولا كيف
I do not know why I am speaking or how (i am speaking)
يمكن لا لا
Maybe no no…
صاروا بعاد وهوْ حكياتي ..
These days are far behind me and my stories
هوْ حكي اولاد
They are children’s stories
لكن كله ما عم يمنع اشتقلك
But of all this will not hold me back from missing you
ما دام كل سنة في خريف
As long as there is an Autumn every year
Image via Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

Image via Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

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