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Sing with Fairouz: I Am For My Lover Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! Can you ever get enough of Fairouz? Well, I can’t. I can listen to her songs every day and I never seem to get bored of the same songs. I know many of you Arabic lovers adore her songs, her beautiful voice, and the deep meaning behind most song lyrics. Today, I want to share with you yet another beautiful ballad by the great Fairouz! The song is called Ana La Habibi (أنا لحبيبى), which literally translates to ‘I Am For My Lover.’ I have added the song in the form of a YouTube video as well as the lyrics in Arabic. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic so that you can follow and sing with Fairouz, and translated them to English so that you can learn what these beautiful lyrics mean.

فيروز – أنا لحبيبى
Fairouz – I Am For My Lover

أنا لحبيبي وحبيبي إلي
I am for my lover and my lover is for me.

يا عصفورة بيضا لا بقى تسألي
Hey white bird don’t keep asking.

لا يعتب حدا ولا يزعل حدا
No one get frustrated, No one get sad.

أنا لحبيبي وحبيبي إلي
I am for my lover and my lover is for me.

حبيبي ندهني قللي الشتي راح
My lover called on me, told me the winter is gone.

ورجعت اليمامة وزهّر التفاح
and the blossom of the apple flowers is back.

وأنا على بابي الندي والصباح
and on my door is the morning mist

وبعيونِك ربيعي نوّر وحلي
and in your eyes the light of spring is also beautiful.

وندهني حبيبي جيت بلا سؤال
my lover called on me, I went without a question.

من نومي سرقني من راحة البال
From my sleep he stole me from my peace of mind.

وأنا على دربو ودربو ع الجمال
and I am on that journey and the journey towards beauty

يا شمس المحبة حكايتنا اغزلي
Hey sun of love, tell our story romantically.

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