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Learn the 10 Most Common Political Ideologies in Arabic (2) Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar

Marhaba! I believe that most of you enjoyed learning the 10 most common political ideologies in Arabic. Others I am sure just refreshed their memory. Similar to my earlier advice on the 100 most common words in Arabic, you will undoubtedly come across most if not all these words in any daily Arabic newspaper or TV show. Learning new words is always a good boost in your academic journey of learning the beautiful Arab language. In this post I am sharing the answers to the Arabic crossword puzzle from the previous post. I am also providing you Arabic lovers with some examples of how you can use these words in a sentence, and a brief overview of every ideology. I have also translated and transliterated every example so that you can learn how to read and pronounce every sentence properly.

Transliteration of Word: Uru-ba
Arabism, also known as pan-Arabism, is an ideology promoting the unification of countries of North Africa and the Middle East. It is also connected to the ideology of Arab nationalism, which views that the Arabs constitute a single nation.
Example: Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was one of many prominent leaders that believed in Arabism as a powerful tool to unite millions of Arabs.
Translation: كان الرئيس المصري جمال عبد الناصر أحد أهم القادة الذين آمنوا بالعروبة كأداة قوية لتوحيد الملايين من العرب.
Transliteration: Ka-na al-ra-is al-mas-ri Jamal Abdel Nasser ah-ad ah-am al-qa-da al-la-thin a-ma-nu bi-al-uru-ba ka-adat qa-wi-ya li-taw-hid al-ma-la-yin min al-arab

Totalitarianism – شمولية
Transliteration of Word: Shu-mu-li-ya
Totalitarianism is a political ideology whereby the central state holds total authority over every aspect of society, ranging from public to private matters.
Example: Many scholars argue that the Soviet Union was a totalitarian system.
Translation: يقرّ الكثير من العلماء أن الاتحاد السوفياتي كان نظام شموليّ
Transliteration: Yu-qirr al-ka-thir min al-ula-maa an-na al-itti-had al-suv-ya-ti ka-na ni-tham shu-mu-liy

Fascism – فاشية
Transliteration of Word: Fa-shi-ya
Fascism is a political ideology that characterizes right-wing or far right authoritarian nationalism.
Example: In the early 20th century, both Germany and Italy were examples of fascist states.
Translation: في بداية القرن العشرين, كانت ألمانيا وإيطاليا دول فاشية
Transliteration: Fi bi-da-yat al-qarn al-ish-rin ka-nat al-man-ya wa-iy-tal-ya du-wal fa-shi-ya

Communism – شيوعية
Transliteration of Word: Shu-yu-iya
Communism is a political ideology that calls for common ownership of the means of production and the abolishment of social classes.
Example: Communism was the prevalent political ideology in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.
Translation: الشيوعية كانت الايديولوجيا السياسية السائدة في كل من الاتحاد السوفياتي وجمهورية الصين الشعبية
Transliteration: Al-shu-yu-iya ka-nat iy-di-yu-lu-ji-ya al-si-ya-sa al-sa-ida fi kul min al-itti-had al-suv-ya-ti wa-jum-hu-ri-yat al-sin al-shaa-bi-ya

Socialism – اشتراكية
Transliteration of Word: Ish-ti-ra-ki-ya
Socialism is a political ideology that calls for common ownership and distribution of goods by a centralized government that plans and controls the economy.
Example: Socialism as a system of economy was popular in many Arab states during the 1950s.
Translation: الاشتراكية كنظام اقتصادي كانت رائجة في العديد من الدول العربية خلال فترة الخمسينات
Transliteration: Al-ish-ti-ra-ki-ya ka-ni-tham iq-ti-sa-di ka-nat ra-ija fi al-adeed min al-du-wal al-ara-bi-ya khi-lal fat-rat al-kham-si-nat

Capitalism – رأسمالية
Transliteration of Word: Rais-ma-li-ya
Capitalism is a political ideology that calls for private ownership of resources and the means of production to generate profits.
Example: Capitalism is the dominant economic system in the United States.
Translation: الرأسمالية هي النظام الاقتصادي المعتمد في الولايات المتحدة
Transliteration: Al-rais-ma-li-ya hi-ya al-ni-tham al-iq-ti-sa-di al-mu-ta-mad fi al-wi-la-yat al-mu-ta-hi-da

Anarchism – فوضوية
Transliteration of Word: Faw-da-wi-ya
Anarchism is a political ideology that calls for the abolishment of all forms of government and all forms of coercive control and authority.
Example: Almost all students’ and workers’ movements in the 1960s promoted anarchism.
Translation: أكثرية الحركات الطلابية والعمالية في فترة الستينات دعت الى الفوضوية
Transliteration: Ak-tha-ri-yat al-ha-ra-kat al-tu-la-bi-ya wa-al-um-ma-li-ya fi fat-rat al-sit-ti-nat da-at ila al-faw-da-wi-ya

Conservatism – المحافظة
Transliteration of Word: Al-mu-ha-fa-tha
Conservatism is a political ideology that calls for the utmost respect for traditional institutions and values rather than any social change in behavior and outlook.
Example: Conservatism is the prevalent ideology in most monarchial systems around the world.
Translation: المحافظة هي الايديولوجيا السائدة في معظم الانظمة الملكية حول العالم
Transliteration: Al-mu-ha-fa-tha hi-ya al-iy-di-yu-lu-ji-ya al-sa-ida fi mu-tham al-an-thi-ma al-ma-la-ki-ya haw-la al-aa-lam

Pluralism – تعددية
Transliteration of Word: Taa-du-di-ya
Pluralism is a political ideology that calls for the coexistence of different cultural, religious, and political backgrounds and viewpoints in the same society.
Example: Pluralism characterizes Lebanon’s political and religious system.
Translation: التعددية تصف النظام السياسي والطائفي في لبنان
Transliteration: Al-taa-du-di-ya ta-sif al-ni-tham al-si-ya-si wa-al-ta-ifi fi lub-nan

Liberalism – الليبرالية
Transliteration of Word: Al-li-bi-ra-li-ya
Liberalism is a political ideology that advocates personal freedom, democratic forms of government, and open economic systems that are not controlled by the state.
Example: Liberalism characterizes open market economies such as the United States.
Translation: الليبرالية تصف اقتصاد السوق الحرة مثل الولايات المتحدة
Transliteration: Al-li-bi-ra-li-ya ta-sif iq-ti-sad al-suq al-hur-ra mi-thil al-wi-la-yat al-mu-ta-hi-da

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