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Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Graduation in Arabic (2) Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! I am positive you refreshed your memory and/or learned something new from the previous post on the 10 most common words about graduation in Arabic. Hope you all enjoyed solving the crossword puzzle! In this post I am sharing the answers and some examples of how you can use these words in a sentence. I have also transliterated and translated every example so that you can learn how to read and pronounce every sentence accurately. Always think of these exercises as a source of vocabulary and a repertoire of building blocks for your speaking, writing, and reading! Stay tuned for more exciting Arabic exercises.

Image by Azri Azahar via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Image by Azri Azahar via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Alumnus and Graduation –خرِّيج وتخرُّج
Example: Every student becomes an alumnus after graduation.
Translation: كل تلميذ يصبح خرّيج عند التخرُّج
Transliteration: Kul til-mith yus-bih khi-rrij ‘in-da al-ta-kha-rruj

Celebration – احتفال
Example: The celebration will take place next Friday.
Translation: الاحتفال الجمعة القادمة
Transliteration: Al-Ih-ti-fal al-jum-‘a al-qa-di-ma

Congratulations – تهاني
Example: My heartiest congratulations to my friend who graduated with honors.
Translation: تهاني الحارة الى صديقي الذي تخرَّج بامتياز
Transliteration: Ta-ha-ni-ya al-ha-rra i-la sa-di-qi al-la-thi ta-kha-rra-ja bi-im-ti-yaz

Education – علم
Example: The value of education is immeasurable.
Translation: قيمة العلم لا تُقاس
Transliteration: Qi-mat al-‘i-lim la tu-qas

Family – عائلة
Example: Ahmad’s family came from Jordan to attend his graduation.
Translation: عائلة أحمد جاءت من الاردن لحضور تخرُّجه
Transliteration: ‘a-i-lat Ah-mad ja-’at min al-ur-dun li-hu-dur ta-kha-rru-ji-hi

Gown – ثوب
Example: My friend paid $100 for his graduation gown.
Translation: دفع صديقي مئة دولار ثمن ثوب التخرُّج
Transliteration: Da-fa-‘a sa-di-qi mi-’at du-lar tha-man thawb al-ta-kha-rruj

University and Commencement –جامعة وحفلة تخرُّج
Example: Ten thousand individuals partook in the university commencement.
Translation: عشرة الآف شخص شاركوا بحفلة تخرُّج الجامعة
Transliteration: ‘a-sha-rat aa-laf sha-khis sha-ra-ku bi-haf-lat ta-kha-rruj al-ja-mi-‘a

Valedictorian –متفوِّق
Example: Mariam was chosen as her class valedictorian.
Translation: اختيرت مريم الطالبة المتفوِّقة في صفها
Transliteration: Ikh-ti-rat Mar-yam al-ta-li-ba al-mu-ta-fa-wi-qa fi sa-fi-ha

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For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts!
Happy Learning!
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