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Listening Comprehension Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Watch the video and answer the following questions using the information provided.

Use the useful vocabulary given at the end of the post


1-   What is the source of the news? What is the title of the news story?

2-   Where was the seminar held, and what is its subject?

3-   How many research papers are discussed in the seminar?

4-   What is the story told by the moderator of the session, and what will happen in the seminar as a result?

5-   What did the female activists call for?


Useful Vocabulary:

صحيفة = newspaper

العنوان = title

يطالبُ = demand

حماية = protection

عنفِ = violence

حقوقِ الإنسان = human rights

جلسةٍ = session

العنفِ الأسري = domestic violence

لم يقتصر على = is not restricted to

ملتقى =  meeting/seminar

الحدُ من = reducing

المعنفين أسرياً = victims of domestic violence

ناشطاتٌ = activists

مناهضة  = resisting

مؤسساتِ = institutions

المجتمع = society

Come back again tomorrow for the transcription and answers.

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