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Listening Comprehension – Dubai Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in Culture, Vocabulary

Watch the video on Dubai attractions and answer the questions that follow. You can use the additional vocabulary section to understand difficult words.

Answer the following questions in English:

How does the video describe the changes that occurred in Dubai?

What are the main areas of investment in Dubai?

Mention some of Dubai attractions mentioned in the video.

Answer the following questions in Arabic:

ما اللقب الذي حصلت عليه القرية العالمية في دبي؟

أين يمكن التسوق في دبي؟

من الذي يعمل لتحويل دبي إلى عاصمة العالم؟

Useful vocabulary:

صحراء = desert

عاصمة  = capital

رفاهية  = luxury

تضخ  = inject

النفط  = oil

إستثمار = investment

السياحة  = tourism

مدخول = income

ينضب  = run out

نافورة  = fountain

فخمة  = luxurious

إطلالات  = views

ساحرة  = magnificent

نخلة  = palm tree

المعالم   =  attractions

الفعاليات  = activities

تجذب  = attract

وجهة السعادة  = the destination of happiness

التسوق  = shopping

على مدار الساعة  = around the clock

 طموحات  = ambitions

Come back again to check the answers and read the transcription.

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