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Mahraganaat Music أغاني المهرجانات – Part 3 Posted by on Feb 21, 2022 in Arabic Language, comprehension, Culture, Music, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Welcome to the last part of this blog post series Mahraganaat Music. Last week, we started studying the lyrics of a specific example of this type music; a song called: إنتِ قلبي you’re my heart that is performed by Omar Kamaal & Shaima Al-Maghrabi.  The 2nd half of the lyrics, in Arabic & English, are provided below.




Here’s the video clip.. Listen & Enjoy اِسْمَعْ وَاِسْتَمْتِعْ! Down pointing backhand indexCollision symbolWoman dancingMan dancingClapping hands sign

*Check the beginning of the lyrics provided in the previous post.



 كل حاجه فيك قمر

Everything about you is moon(-like)


قلبي نال بعد ما صبر

My heart received (was rewarded) after it was patient


لما أجيب من الدنيا آخري

When I feel I’ve had it up to here (from life)


 ضحكتك تديني باور

Your laugh gives me power


 ليك كاريزما معينه

You have a specific charisma


 إنتَ حاجه مش ممكنه

You’re something that is not possible


 مهما شُفت شايفاك بقلبي

No matter what I saw, I’m seeing you with my heart


 مش بحب غيرك أنا

I’m not loving anyone but you


 = = = = = = = =


متيجي لحظه جنبي

come on for a moment next to me


وتخش قلبي

and you enter my heart


ده إنتَ اللي شاغل البال

You are the who is my mind busy with


حبيبي بس إنتَ

You’re my only beloved one


مين غيرك إنتَ

who else but you?


فلته وعاجبني يا غزال

You bright one, and I like you, ghazaal (pretty)


مافيش بُعد

There is no distance (seperation)


وعد لو برق رعد

A promise, whether it’s lightning or thunder


هفضل معاك مهما طال

I will stay with you, no matter how long


يا نور عيني

Oh the light of my eye


ياللي شمسي وضلي قمري

who is my sun, shade, and moon


وجمالِك خيال

and your beauty is a fantasy


 = = = = = = = =


غِيري مني وولعي

Get jealous of me, and blow up


صعب جدا تلمعي

It’s very difficult that you shine


استحاله تقابلي ستِّك

It’s impossible to meet your lady


إنتِ آخرك تسمعي

the highest you can get is that you hear (about her)


كل “استوريهاتك” كدا

All of your stories are like this


مني ليه متنكّده

Why are you depressed because of me?


 اهدي حبّه

Calm down a bit


لتطّبي ساكته

or you’d fall dead


متعمليش في نفسك كدا

Don’t do this to yourself


 = = = = = = = =


وقول للي سابنا

and tell that who left us


فراقك عجبنا

we liked your breakup1(i.e. we’re glad you left)


 بعدك كسبنا نفسينا

After you, we got ourselves back


 فما يجيش يزن

so he (better not) doesn’t come nagging


 يفضل يرن

and keeps ringing


 هنحنّ للي يراعينا

we’ll miss that who is considerate with us


 يا ناكر جميلنا

Oh you ungrateful


 بكره هتجيلنا

tomorrow, you will come back to us


 هنقولك: امشي هوينا

We’ll tell you: go away, get lost2a slang term that literally means: ‘let us get some air’


 غيرك خد مكانك

another took your place


 انتهي زمانك

your time ended


 الجاي مش ليك، ده لينا

what’s coming is not for you, it’s (this is) for us


 = = = = = = = =

  • 1
    (i.e. we’re glad you left)
  • 2
    a slang term that literally means: ‘let us get some air’
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