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The Verbal Sentence (Part 4) – Subject-Verb Agreement: Gender Posted by on Feb 3, 2013

        Today we are going to continue our study of the Verbal Sentence الـجـمـلــة الـفـعـلـيـــة . We have already discussed the Verb in more detail and the Subject or doer of the verb. We have also started discussing the subject-verb agreement; how the verb looks like with different subjects. We started with the subject-verb agreement…

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The Semi-sisters of Kana; Kada and its Sisters (Part 1) Posted by on Mar 29, 2012

      We have already been introduced to the special verb Kana and its sisters كان و أخواتها and we have known that these verbs start the nominative sentence الجملة الاسمية and cause the mubtada المبتدأ (subject) to be their noun (Ism اسم) and the khabar الخبر (predicate) to be their khabar. Only the khabar changes…

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The Predicate of Kana and Sisters Posted by on Mar 17, 2012

We have already known that the Nominal Sentence  الــجــمـــلـة الاسـمــيــــة consists of two parts; the Mubtada الـمـبـتــدأ and the Khabar الـخــبـر . Both the Mubtada and the Khabar have different types.   We have also known that the verb Kana كان and its sisters can begin the nominal sentence and thus the Mubtada becomes the noun…

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Kana and Sisters; Verb Types Posted by on Feb 17, 2012

      The verb Kana كان   and its sisters are special verbs in the Arabic language. They start the Nominal sentence and case the subject to be their noun (Ism اســـْـــم) with a dammah and cause the predicate to be their Predicate (Khabar خـــَــبـــَــر) with a Fat’ha on its end.       Now the question is what are…

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Kana and Sisters (Part 2) Posted by on Jan 18, 2012

             Now that we have learnt the verb Kana and its sisters, we should all ask: What do these verbs mean? What do they refer to? What are they used for? In today’s post, we will try to answer these Questions. We will look at these verbs in different categories according to their use…

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Fisal’s Dictionary: سكن Posted by on Dec 24, 2011

The verb "to dwell"

        Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb سكن  and explore some of its derivatives. * سَـكـَـنَ    [V.I.] = 1) to stop moving or be silent.                                            Ex. –  سـكـنـت الـريـحُ  =  The wind stopped.                                   2) to calm…

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Verb Effect أثر الفعل Posted by on Jul 5, 2011

Transitive Verbs الأفعال المتعدية   Intransitive Verbs الأفعال اللازمة Today, we are going to learn some more about verbs and their effect. Verbs fall into TWO categories according to the effect they do to the subject and the object:   1)      The Transitive Verb  الفعل المتعدى /Motad’di Verb/                               It is the verb that…

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