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Chaoyang Park (朝阳公园) Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Culture

There are tons of fun places to hang out in the Chinese capital. In the past, we’ve looked at two such spots – Sanlitun and NLGX. After my recent post about local parks in Beijing, I figured I’d bring back this old video series with a short about Chaoyang Park. With sports, an amusement park, and the epic party bike, this is one place you don’t want to miss if you’re in Beijing!

朝阳公园 – cháo yáng gōng yuán
Chaoyang Park

放风筝 – fàng fēng zhēng
fly a kite

操场 – cāo chǎng

过山车 – guò shān chē
roller coaster

快餐厅 – kuài cān tīng
fast food restaurant

骑小马 – qí xiǎo mǎ
ride a pony

骑自行车 – qí zì xíng chē
ride a bicycle

开电动车 – kāi diàn dòng chē
drive an e-car

赛格威 – sài gé wēi

啤酒 – pí jiǔ

鸡尾酒 – jī wěi jiǔ

足球 – zú qiú

乒乓球 – pīng pāng qiú
play ping pong

婚纱照 – hūn shā zhào
wedding photos

我们都爱跳舞 – wǒ men dōu ài tiào wǔ
We all love to dance.

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