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Practice your French with GDQ! Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Culture

Playing des jeux vidéos (video games) in French is not only entertaining, it is also a fun way to study, much like watching your favorite shows in VF! L’industrie du jeu vidéo (the video game industry) is big in France and allows access to any jeu you’d want to play in la langue de Molière (Molière’s language, French expression referring to the French language).

Le speedrunning, beating a game as fast as possible, has grown in popularity among les joueurs (gamers), and its biggest événement (event), GDQ, recueillit des millions de dollars pour des œuvres de charité (raises millions of dollars for charity)! Games Done Quick, or GDQ, is a week-long event that is streamed live for free!

De plus (what’s more), the event a fait sensation sur la scène internationale (has become an international sensation) making it easy to find broadcasts of the event in many different languages, including French!

Le restream français (the French restream, rebroadcast) is on Gaming Live and is live for the entirety of l’événement. Les jeux are often old classics or modern hits, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy or at least something nostalgic!

You are also likely to be surprised by how fast les joueurs (the players) beat les jeux!

Voici une vidéo de l’un de mes runs préférés :

GDQ happens twice a year, once en hiver (in winter) and once en été (in summer). L’événement hivernal (the winter event) is AGDQ, Awesome Games Done Quick, and l’événement estival (the summer event) is SGDQ, Summer Games Done Quick. Both events recueillit des fonds pour des œuvres de charité (raise money for charities), last an entire week, and have un restream français!

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