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Changes to Oktoberfest 2016 Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Culture, Current Events, People, Traditions

It’s that time of year again! Oktoberfest started last Saturday and will run till the third of October. Following this year’s events around the world, Oktoberfest has enhanced its safety procedures to make sure that all visitors are in a safe environment. I’ve listed the changes below (don’t worry, there aren’t that many!) and if you want to know more about Oktoberfest in general then take a look at these older posts here, here, and here.

Die Wiesn. Own photo

Das Oktoberfest ist Umzäunt

The entire Oktoberfest is surrounded by a fence this year. The fence is there to stop the premises from overfilling, and also to control who goes in. The fence has around twelve exists/entrances and in case of an emergency it can be dismantled in less than a minute. The entry however, is still free!


Rucksäcken sind verboten

Backpacks and any large bags that have a capacity larger than three litres are banned from Oktoberfest this year. Police will check at all entrances as you enter and if you have a small bag you could also be searched. For this reason you can be waiting times to get into Oktoberfest.


Kinderwagen sind verboten

Prams are banned at Oktoberfest at specific times; this actually came into action last year as when the festival is at peak time the prams take up too much space. You aren’t allowed to take a pram with you on all Saturdays and any day after 6pm.


An old photo of me at Oktoberfest in 2013! Own photo.

Don’t be put off by these new changes, die Wiesn is still as fun as it is every year! If you are visiting this year or have been in the previous years then let me know by writing it in the comments below.

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