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German Numbers 1-100 Posted by on Mar 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

For language learners new to German, a simple table of numbers can be quite useful! We’ve created that very thing for you right here.

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0 null
1 eins
2 zwei
3 drei
4 vier
5 fünf
6 sechs
7 sieben
8 acht
9 neun
10 zehn
11 elf
12 zwölf
13 dreizehn
14 vierzehn
15 fünfzehn
16 sechzehn
17 siebzehn
18 achtzehn
19 neunzehn
20 zwanzig
21 einundzwanzig
22 zweiundzwanzig
23 dreiundzwanzig
24 vierundzwanzig
25 fünfundzwanzig
26 sechsundzwanzig
27 siebenundzwanzig
28 achtundzwanzig
29 neunundzwanzig
30 dreiβig
31 einunddreiβig
32 zweiunddreißig
33 dreiunddreißig
34 vierunddreißig
35 fünfunddreißig
36 sechsunddreißig
37 siebenunddreißig
38 achtunddreißig
39 neununddreißig
40 vierzig
41 einundvierzig
42 zweiundvierzig
43 dreiundvierzig
44 vierundvierzig
45 fünfundvierzig
46 sechsundvierzig
47 siebenundvierzig
48 achtundvierzig
49 neunundvierzig
50 fünfzig
51 einundfünfzig
52 zweiundfünfzig
53 dreiundfünfzig
54 vierundfünfzig
55 fünfundfünfzig
56 sechsundfünfzig
57 siebenundfünfzig
58 achtundfünfzig
59 neunundfünfzig
60 sechzig
61 einundsechzig
62 zweiundsechzig
63 dreiundsechzig
64 vierundsechzig
65 fünfundsechzig
66 sechsundsechzig
67 siebenundsechzig
68 achtundsechzig
69 neunundsechzig
70 siebzig
71 einundsiebzig
72 zweiundsiebzig
73 dreiundsiebzig
74 vierundsiebzig
75 fünfundsiebzig
76 sechsundsiebzig
77 siebenundsiebzig
78 achtundsiebzig
79 neunundsiebzig
80 achtzig
81 einundachtzig
82 zweiundachtzig
83 dreiundachtzig
84 vierundachtzig
85 fünfundachtzig
86 sechsundachtzig
87 siebenundachtzig
88 achtundachtzig
89 neunundachtzig
90 neunzig
91 einundneunzig
92 zweiundneunzig
93 dreiundneunzig
94 vierundneunzig
95 fünfundneunzig
96 sechsundneunzig
97 siebenundneunzig
98 achtundneunzig
99 neunundneunzig
100 (ein)hundert

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  1. bob:

    This Wasnt very helpfull because when i copied it and pasted it, it came out in columbs and wouldnt fit on a page!!!!!! Very frustrating !!!!


  2. Mel:

    This was really helpful to me and while I was writing them down in my german book I was learning them at the same time. The next day I could write down all 1-100 numbers with out looking or getting help! If you want to do it the right way, this site is just what you need. Thanks for th help xx

  3. E Hughes:

    Thank you so much, I sound ungrateful but it would have been super if you had printed them in a larger format, but am still very grateful.

    E Hughes

  4. Jovan:

    Thank u very much i learned them all and i go A on my test

  5. Nimmy:

    This is really helped me thanku very much… I satreted in yr seven and i only started 2 learn german. then i had 2 have 21 days of and all of my friends know this im the only one.. so i jhad 2 learn it.. thanku very much.. xxx

  6. David Holt:

    Thank you this was so much help!

  7. Dilan Holt:

    Thanks guys this is one of the best German websites I have been on yet.Hope your not my German teacher finding out that I need help…

    Thanks anyway!!! =)

    D Holt

  8. D Holt:

    Could you guys go up to 200 by any chance???


  9. playhay:

    helps me cheat in german homework

  10. alig:


  11. qwertz:

    Thank you this was so much help…xxx

  12. yamana:

    çok güzel olmuş saolun ödevim için çok güzel oldu

  13. Horst:

    Kanaken raus!

  14. Anon:

    I hope ur not my languages teacher

  15. Daisie:

    this was helpful, although i have lazy brain so you could have made it more colourful so i could concentrate, also have put the pronunciations so it would be easier.

    Daisie xxx

  16. Vihkama:

    Thanks this helped a lot. It is easy aslo. After a week when I hear it I do not even have to translate the numbers back into english to undersyand them.

  17. musicismylife:

    this is ok… but its the best german website i have found! it is a little boring though because its all small and close together. but thanks for your help!! xxx

  18. liv3619:

    Great help! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  19. Teegan:

    Dude, best German site I’ve found! Hope your not my German techer though or else I’m doomed lol Thanks!

  20. obi:

    i hav never seen so much goobdee gook in my life

  21. Me:

    OMG, thanks so much for this.

  22. ritvik mahore:

    ooooooook thanks for this

  23. shei:

    pretty cool,thanks

  24. Mark:

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  25. jack:

    great thx xxx

  26. jack:

    really good
    many thxs

  27. kels:

    good it helped but it could have how you say it on there 🙂

  28. sophiex:

    thanx for this!
    learnt my german numbers real quick xxx

  29. sophiex:

    you should go up to 500 or something!
    lol xx

  30. taylor:

    this really helped me in German i have a number test on Monday looks like I’m looking at this over the weekend. Thank you so much(:

  31. Walter Payton:

    Gr8 study guide

  32. Jb girl:

    Wow a very good list from me 100/100 or (ein) hundert / (ein) hundred ha ha love this website


    Vielen Dank. Gott sei Dank. Ich habe sehr hilfreiche Materialle hier gefunden. Und ich werde hier wieder kommen.

  34. Smita:

    refer this site for adjektiv endings and prepositions..


  35. Dylan:

    nice nice. really good homework cheater 🙂 im rubbish at german tho :/

  36. claudia:

    this realy helped me on my test, i got the highest in the class im mow even teaching others the german numbers

  37. jimmeny cricket:

    this was soooo useful dont think i can forget these numbers now which is good because i have to sit germen gcses soon

  38. Sarah:

    I don’t likeit

  39. Manaswita:

    i really love it , it is so helpful
    it really helped me a lot and so i was able to complete my homework

  40. Aysha:

    That was very helpful ! thank you .

    I’m studying German course in university .

  41. shweta:

    helps me cheat in german homework
    Thank you

  42. DJ:

    Dont lie Jovan you got a F. you are such a failure

  43. Rickki:

    Dankeshon!! I had to learn 1-100 for my German class and I missed all of the lessons, so thanks!

  44. qazi:

    any1 please share some links, where can i get some useful German words with English meaning……

  45. Sunshine:

    Great! Should help me study for my test. Danke! 😀

  46. lil_gawl:

    haha luv this site, helps me in my homework cuz like i dont even know the numbers up to 10 BUT still a 7a student in year 10!!!!

  47. Molly:

    This helped a lot!!

  48. Henry:


  49. Caroline:

    Thank you very much for this! I’ve jus started to learn German in year seven and I was ill one week and everyone in my class learnt up to 20 and I had no clue what the numbers where (although I did know up to 6)! This really helped me and I will use this website more often. I come on here and practice zweiten a day! And now I can do dates (Months and First, Second, Third etc) !!!

    Thank you again x

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