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German Vocabulary around the House Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Language

Hello and welcome to another vocab post!

To expand your vocabulary further, I’ve written a list of common objects found around the house. Once you’ve read this post try remembering the German words as you walk around your house every day.

Let’s start with the basics; here are the rooms of the house:

der Flur (e)                                          The hallway(s)

das Badezimmer                              The bathroom

das Wohnzimmer                            The living room

das Schlafzimmer                            The bedroom

das Gästezimmer                            The guestroom

die Küche                                            The kitchen

das Esszimmer                                  The dining room

Note: For the plural of bathroom, living room, bedroom and guestroom the article changes to die, but the word itself stays the same.

And what the rooms are made up of:

die Wa(ä)nd(e)                                  The wall(s)

die Tür(en)                                         The door(s)

das (die) Fenster                              The window(s)

der Boden                                           The floor

die Decke                                            The ceiling

Gegenstände die im Flur sind:

Objects that are in the hallway:

die Garderobe                                  The cloakroom

der Spiegel                                         The mirror

der Schuhschrank                            The shoe cabinet

Gegenstände die im Badezimmer sind:

Objects that are in the bathroom:

die Toilette                                        The toilet

die Dusche                                         The shower

die Badewanne                                   The bath

das Waschbecken                           The sink

das (die) Handtu(ü)ch(er)                The towel(s)

die Zahnbürste(n)                           The toothbrush(es)

die Zahncreme                                 The toothpaste

die Fliessen                                       The tiles

Gegenstände die im Wohnzimmer sind:

Objects that are in the living room:

das Sofa/die Couch                         The sofa

der Teppich                                        The carpet

die Lampe                                           The lamp

der Fernseher                                   The TV

das Bücherregal                               The bookcase

der Kaffeetisch                     The coffee table (also known as der Couchtisch)

der Sessel                                           The armchair

der Kamin                                           The fireplace

das (die) Bild(er)                             The photo(s)   

Write the German words on post it notes, stick them on your Möbel (furniture) and that way you’ll learn the vocabulary quickly! I’ve only written half of the rooms on the list above, the other half will be coming in the next post.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Paul Johnson:

    Thanks for themed vocabulary posts “around the house” eg das Badeezimmer, die Kuche etc. This is a great way to cover otherwise dull but essential lists of related words. Please can we have more: eg ” at the doctor” “at the dentist” ” renting an apartment” ” at the bank” ” at the travel agent” “hairdresser” “shoeshop” etc

    • Larissa:

      @Paul Johnson Thanks Paul for the comment!
      I’m always happy to hear suggestions of what to write about next so expect to see the posts pop up in the next few months.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post,

  2. Brightstar:

    Constanze, great that you included genders and plurals of every noun
    I cannot find the grammatical rule applied to ‘objects in…’ Would it be easy to clarify the rule for this word order?