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This is a vocabulary post about what to say at the Hairdresser. I’ll be writing key words and sentences for when you go to the Hairdresser in order to explain exactly how you want your hair.

Basic words:

die Haare                                                          hair       

die Frisur                                                          hairstyle

der Friseur/Frisör                                           the hairdresser (“Friseur” is the original word from French and “Frisör is the German spelling. Both spellings are used in German)                          

der Termin                                                         the appointment

lockige Haare                                                    curly hair

glatte Haare                                                       straight hair

kurze Haare                                                       short hair

lange Haare                                                       long hair

der Pony                                                            fringe

der Mittelscheitel                                              middle parting

der Seitenscheitel                                            side parting

schneiden                                                         to cut

die Spitzen schneiden                                     to trim

föhnen                                                              blow dry

stufen                                                                 layers

fransig                                                              choppy

Bob                                                                   bob (short hair)

Pixie                                                                  pixie cut (very short hair)

tönen                                                               to tone

färben                                                               to dye

der Ansatz                                                        the roots

die Hochsteckfrisur                                         updo

flechten                                                             plait

der Fischgrätenzopf                                       fish tail plait

die Dauerwelle                                                 perm

5407277348_89433aca58_z (1)

Möchten Sie eine Dauerwelle? Would you like a perm? Photo by Daniel Oines on Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)



braun                                                                      brown

blond                                                                    blonde

schwarz                                                                black

rot                                                                         ginger/red

grau                                                                       grey



What your hairdresser would ask you:

Was kann ich für Sie heute tun?                                              

What can I do for you today?

How to explain what you want done:

Ich möchte  meine Spitzen schneiden lassen

I would like to have my hair trimmed

Ich möchte meine Haare schneiden lassen                        

I would like to have my hair cut

Ich möchte meine Haare schulterlang haben

I would like to have my hair shoulder length

Ich möchte meine Haare blond färben lassen

I would like to have my hair dyed blonde.

Ich möchte meine Haare stufig schneiden lassen            

I would like to have layers cut in my hair

Ich möchte meine Haare lockig                                               

I would like to have my hair curled

Ich möchte meinen Ansatz färben lassen

I would like to have my roots dyed.


If you think of anything else you would like to say at the hairdresser then pop it in a comment below! I hope this post has been helpful.



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Hello I'm Larissa. I live in Germany and I am half German and half English. I love sharing my passion for Germany with you through my posts! Apart from writing posts I teach fitness classes in Munich.


  1. William Schweitz:

    How do you say?

    No thinning sissors please.
    Just a little off the top.
    Don’t cut my sideburns short.
    My hair curls up in the back. Please make sure they are cut off.

    Bill Schweitz

  2. jon green:

    OK, what is with German middle-aged women? The all get the same spiky, wash-and-wear haircut- often dyed an eggplant color. It is like once you hit 40 you have to join the club.

    Other ideas for posts: what is up with Germans and scarves? No German will leave the house with his neck uncovered.

    If it isn’t an older blog post already, what are some pitfalls of English speaking people using German? Two I have to remember are- only people can be nice (You cannot have “a nice cup of tea” in German.) and that “you” always means an individual. We Americans tend to avoid using “one” as a non-specific pronoun. We would say “You should not smoke in public.” not “One should not smoke in public.” In German, it must be “Man sollte sich nicht in der Öffentlichkeit rauchen.”
    What are some other thing that you have noticed that people who speak English consistently get wrong?

  3. Gallimaufry:

    How about ich will meinen Köpf rasiert?