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Guten Tag von München! Posted by on Dec 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello there, I’m Larissa Arnold and I’m very excited to say that I will be posting a couple of articles every month all the way from Munich, Germany. If you haven’t already guessed from my name, I’m sisters with another blogger here on Blog Transparent – Constanze Arnold. Here’s a little bit about myself:


Oktoberfest 2013, I’m wearing a traditional Bavarian dress called a “Dirndl”. Own photo.

I am half German, half English. I grew up in England but spent many summers in Bavaria. When I was little I always fantasized about living in Germany, and when I was 18 I moved to Germany to train in professional dance. After a year I left the course, but, as I had fallen in love with Munich I decided to stay and study to be a Gymnastik Lehrerin (sport and dance teacher).


I could always understand German as a child, but I had problems speaking it. After my first year living here my German improved hugely and I’m happy to say that apart from one or two mistakes (nobody’s perfect!) I am now fluent. I believe that the easiest way to learn a language is when you live in the country and have to speak it every day.

Apart from my Ausbildung (education/course) I also teach aerobics and wirbelsäulengymnastik (literally translates to “spine gymnastics” and I haven’t found an English word yet that sums up exactly what it is – the nearest I’ve got to is “back strengthening class”) three days a week at a physiotherapy clinic. I live with my boyfriend and zwei Kaninchen (two rabbits): Amelie and Hector in Munich and I travel back to England around three times a year to catch up with friends and family.

I’ve been living in München for over 2 years now and I am so happy that I can share the culture and events that happen here with you! If you have any questions about myself or Munich then feel free to leave me a comment below.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

(Until the next time!)





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About the Author: Larissa

Hello I'm Larissa. I live in Germany and I am half German and half English. I love sharing my passion for Germany with you through my posts! Apart from writing posts I teach fitness classes in Munich.


  1. Allan Mahnke:

    Herzlich willkommen!


  2. Carlos R, Barron:

    Hi Larissa thanks for the way you live in Munchen, Ich kenne Munchen I was there 40 year ago when I was in The US Army, went to October fest.(during the cold war)
    In your blog you mention that long word about the spinal chord, I notices in German sometimes they are lange words. I am learnin Deutsh the hard way I get word of the day in my cellular from transparent .com and it help me, keep
    my mind busy.Ich bin 79 jahre alt, forgive my spelling.
    Carlos R.Barron
    Meine Deutsh is nicht sher gut aber, Ich verstae etwas.

    • Larissa:

      @Carlos R, Barron Wow thanks for your story! I love Octoberfest (even if I don’t like beer) as the atmosphere is just so great there. There are lots of long words in German, but if you break them up you’ll find they are just many words put together which makes it easier! For example Wirbelsäulengymnastik: Wirbelsäule = spine and gymnastik = gymnastics.
      I hope that helps,

  3. Mal:

    Willkommen Larissa, I look forward to your posts. Mal