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Language Listening Lesson – Freude für den Fußball Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Culture, Language, Language Listening Lesson, Practice, Sports

I have already started this on the Dutch blog, where it was received quite well. I hope you will like the German version as well!

A Language Listening Lesson (Triple L) consists of a German text, with translation and audio file to listen to it. That is the idea – you listen to it and with only that information answer the questions. If you need help, you can consult the German text, and if that does not suffice, you can also check on the English translation. The answers come after the English translation.

As the Soccer World Cup started, and Germany has been doing well until now, with a great first game (4-0 against Portugal), this Triple L will be about the World Cup.




1. Does Jonas think that Christiano Ronaldo is a good player?

a. yes

b. no

c. Not mentioned

2. Who is Jonas’ Favorite player?

a. Christiano Ronaldo

b. Thomas Müller

c. Joachim Löw

3. When is the game?

a. Monday evening

b. Monday afternoon

c. Sunday night

4. Does Jonas think Germany makes a chance?

a. yes

b. no

c. not mentioned

5. What item did Jonas NOT get out to support his team?

a. Soccer shirt

b. fan horn

c. Beer



German Text

Es ist Montagabend. Heute spielt die Deutsche Nationalelf gegen Portugal! Jonas ist schon ganz aufgeregt. Seit Joachim Löw Trainer ist, geht es nur noch bergauf. Sein Lieblingsspieler ist Thomas Müller. Müller ist der Stürmer des deutschen Teams. Wird er ein starkes Spiel machen? Oder sind Christiano Ronaldo und Co. doch besser? Ronaldo ist ein sehr guter Spieler… Jonas will Portugal nicht unterschätzen, aber er ist sich sicher, Deutschland packt das schon!

Es fängt gleich an! Jonas zieht noch schnell sein Deutschlandtrikot an, hängt die Deutschlandfahne auf, macht sich ein Bier auf, und macht den Fernseher an. Los geht’s!

Und da fielen die Tore. Und wie! Tor nach Tor nach Tor… Müller hat sogar drei Tore gemacht! Super! Jonas ist ganz aus dem Häuschen!


English Translation

It’s Monday evening. Today the German national soccer team plays against Portugal! Jonas is already very excited. Since Joachim Löw has been the coach, it only got better. His favorite player is Thomas Müller. Müller is the striker (or forward) of the German team. Will he make a good game? Or are Christiano Ronaldo and his companions better? Ronaldo is a very good player… Jonas does not want to underestimate Portugal, but he is sure that Germany will make it!

It begins in a bit! Jonas just quickly dons his Germany Soccer Shirt, hangs up the German flag, opens his beer, and turns on the TV. Here we go!

And there the goals came. And how! Goal after goal after goal… Müller even made three goals! Great! Jonas is thrilled to bits!

Answers to questions

1. a

2. b

3. a

4. a

5. b


Oh, and here are the four goals. The quality is not that great, but it works!

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