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German Christmas Quiz Posted by on Dec 21, 2021

To get you into the Christmas spirit I have prepared a quiz, if you want to brush up on all of the Christmas vocabulary and history beforehand then have a look at these posts here, here, here and here. Let me know in the comments below how you do, viel Glück! True of False Presents…

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Learning to Drive in German Posted by on Nov 23, 2021

After living in Germany for nine years, I have finally learned how to drive and I successfully passed my test a few months ago. Here are some tips and vocabulary if you also want to do your Führerschein in Germany. Der Ablauf The Process First of all, there are different types of driving licenses. The…

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How to Make a Phone Call in German Posted by on Oct 26, 2021

Having a phone call in another language can be daunting. I remember when I first moved to Germany I avoided speaking on the phone in German, however in some situations you can’t avoid it. Here are some scenarios to help you prepare for your phone call. There is also another great post that you can…

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German Library Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 13, 2021

Guten Tag! Today’s post is all about German library vocabulary. Did you know that Transparent Language Online is available in many libraries all around the world? Perhaps you’re reading this post from a library right now! In this post we’ll look at German vocabulary related to libraries, and I’ll tell you a little about one…

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Responding To ‘Wie Geht’s?’ In German Posted by on Oct 12, 2021

Guten Tag! Wie geht’s? In my last post, we looked at alternative ways of saying this phrase, which means ‘How are you?’ in German. In this post, we’re going to look at alternative responses you can give, aside from the standard ‘Gut, danke’ (‘Good, thanks’). After all, what if you’re not feeling good? Or what…

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Election Day in Germany Posted by on Sep 28, 2021

Last Sunday, the 26th of September, was a very big day in Germany. There were three elections and one referendum. When there are these many elections it is called a Superwahljahr (this literally translates to a super-vote-year), which is a whole extra post that you can find here. There was the election for the Berlin…

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German City And Countryside Signs Posted by on Sep 22, 2021

Guten Tag! In my last post, I gave you some vocabulary to describe where in the country you are, and what sort of place it is (you can read that post here!). Following on from that post, I thought it’d be useful to include a selection of signs and notices you might come across when…

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