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The 5 Best Posts Of The German Blog In 2021 Posted by on Jan 14, 2022 in Culture, Language, Vocabulary

The third weekend of 2022 steht vor der Tür (“stands in front of the door”, is almost here). And while the first weekend was reserved for sleeping off New Year’s Eve and the second to get back into the rhythm of the normal work week, this weekend might be the perfect time to take a look back at some of our best posts of 2021! Perhaps you missed some of these? Well, now is the time to check them out! Below, you can find our most read posts of the year, starting from number 5, going all the way to the most read post at number 1.

Number 5: 4 Tips to Improve Your German Accent as an American

Force a strong smile and try to make a German r! It might help to practice. (Image by Noah Blaine Clark at

While accents often aren’t that important to get yourself heard in a different country, it can be a fun exercise to see how you can improve your pronunciation and perhaps you can finally say that word that you struggled with for so long! In this post, we give you 4 tips on how to improve your accent as an American, complete with audio recordings to show you the difference. Such as opening your mouth more when speaking. Check it out!

Number 4: Why Germany’s Record-Breaking Cathedral Is So Impressive

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

The Kölner Dom (m, Cathedral of Cologne) is a mightily impressive building. It not only is impossible to properly take a picture of from it’s main square because it is so tall, it also has a moving and interesting history. And a lot of readers were moved by it, too. Check out this post to learn about this impressive church, and see how you can visit it straight from the comfort of your home!

Number 3: The Petersglocke: Germany’s Massive Cathedral Bell

For number 3 on the list, we stay a little longer in Köln (Cologne). The Dom breaks many records, including having had one of the largest church bells in the world. This thing is so interesting and impressive, that we decided to dedicate its own post to it. Don’t believe us that it’s worth it? Just take a look at the video above. That is sure to convince you to check out the post and learn more about this marvel of Handwerk (n, craftsmanship)!

Number 2: Talking About Cats In German

The internet and Katzen (f, cats) have been linked from the beginning. One cannot survive without the other. There are different words for Katze – but is Stardenburdenhardenbart, a word made famous in a TikTok really one of them? Constanze tells you all about Katzen in this post!

Number 1: Did You Know This About Mozart?


Mozart statue in Wien, Austria. Photo by Andreas ***** on Unsplash

Mozart was an… let’s say, interesting man. Of course, he was das Wunderkind (prodigy) and made some fantastic music. Classical pieces often come with ideas of die Eleganz (elegance) and schicke Leute (posh people). Especially when Mozart was alive. But he was a little verrückt (crazy), wasn’t he? Learning something new about Mozart is therefore always a thrill ride. And you definitely don’t want to miss this post to find out what he did.

What was your favorite German Blog Post of 2021? Did you miss any of the above posts last year? Let us know in the comments below!

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