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Oiriúintí Rothair – Irish Terms for Some Bicycle Accessories Posted by on May 29, 2018 in Irish Language

(le Róislín)

grafaic:, Bike, Bicycle With Balloons Clipart, Karen Arnold; Téacs Gaeilge le Róislín, 2018

From the decorative (tassels or streamers) to the practical (puncture repair kit), let’s look at some Irish words for bicycle accessories, continuing the téama rothaíochta we’ve been working on for the last few posts (naisc thíos).  As you can see, the words are presented as a little matching game.

Seo na téarmaí, le ceann breise le haghaidh an dúshláin.  Here are the terms, with one extra for the challenge.

Téarma Gaeilge Béarla
1. ceannsolas tassel
2. painnéar / mála tassel
3. cloigín tassel
4. scothóg bell (small)
5. sraoilleáin headlight/headlamp
6. tacailín streamers
7. ciseán basket
8. bobailín rear-view mirror
9. scáthán cúil/scáthán siar puncture repair kit
10. brat sábhála (could be bratach shábhála as well) pannier
safety flag

The freagraí are thíos, as usual.

By the way, if you’re quite new to Irish, you may not have learned “roth” yet, but it means “wheel” and is the basis for rothar, rothaíocht, rothlaigh (rotate), rothlach (rotary), rothlúchán (rotation), and many related compound words or phrases (such as rothmhol, rothdhiosca, inneall rothlach, roth criadóra, rothán loine, which mean, in sequence,  “water-mill wheel,” “wheel-disc,” “rotary engine,” “potter’s wheel,” and, my favorite, “perforated cup of a churn-dash” — an-úsáideach inniu!).  In some future blog, we’ll look at an alternate word for “bicycle,” which is not based on “roth” at all, but which is simply a gaelicization of the sound of the English word – badhsacal.  Remember the “-adh” is basically like an English “long i” sound, as in “bite” or “kite.”

Tá súil agam go raibh sé seo úsáideach agus gur fhoghlaim tosaitheoirí cúpla focal nua ar a laghad.  I hope this was useful and that beginners learned at least a few new words.

It would be great to hear from any cyclists if this has been useful.

Slán go fóill – Róislín


  1. , ceannsolas, headlamp, headlight
  2. , painnéar / mála, pannier (mála, of course, can be “bag” in general, so we could say, “mála tosaigh,” for front pannier, and “mála cúil” for “rear pannier”)
  3. , cloigín, bell (small); an ordinary bell is “clog,” which also means “clock”
  4. , scothóg, tassel (1); also means a flower (as in scoth na mban, with “scoth” also meaning “flower,” often in the sense of top choice), a little tuft, or the top of a plant). “Scothóg” can also specifically mean the “bur-marigold” (aka Bidens laevis, with “bidens” meaning “two-toothed”)
  5. , sraoilleáin, streamers
  6. , tacailín, tassel (2)

7., ciseán, basket

8., bobailín, tassel (3), also means a “bobble,” as on a hat, usually woolen, and can also mean “a tuft” or a “pompom,” although the latter is usually “pompom” these days.

9., scáthán cúil/scáthán siar, rear-view mirror. “cúil” is literally “of back” and “siar” is literally “back, westward”

10., brat sábhála / bratach shábhála, safety flag, both literally meaning “flag of saving”

and the “ceann breise,” which was “puncture repair kit,” is “fearas deisithe poill” (lit. kit of repairing of hole) .

Oiriúintí” is an interesting word in and of itself.  In the singular, it can mean “suitability” or “fittingness” and as a verbal noun, “suiting,” “fitting” or “becoming.”   In the plural it can mean “accessories,” as used here, or “fittings” as in “oiriúintí práis” (brass fittings)

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