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Ainmneacha Uaimheanna Clúiteacha in Éirinn agus i dTíortha Eile (Irish Names for Some Famous Caves) Posted by on Jul 21, 2018

(le Róislín) Continuing with our recent “caves and caving” theme, today we’ll look at the Irish names of some famous caves, in Ireland and in other countries. I’ll provide the Irish and the challenge will be to see if you recognize the name of the cave and/or what it means.  Some of them actually include…

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Irish Words for Stalagmites and Stalactites Posted by on Jul 18, 2018

(le Róislín) Since we recently looked at Irish words for caves (uaimheanna) and caving (uaimheadóireacht), in honor of the rescue of the Thai soccer team (nasc thíos), I thought this might be a good time to introduce the Irish words for “stalagmite” and “stalactite.” They’re really more straightforward and less technical-seeming than the English terms “stalagmite”…

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Uaimheanna agus Uaimheadóireacht: Words for Caves and Caving in Irish Posted by on Jul 15, 2018

(le Róislín) Given the recent amazing rescue of the Thai soccer team and their coach in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, this seems like a good time to go over some Irish words for caves and caving. The most basic word, in my experience, for cave, is “uaimh,” pronounced roughly “OO-iv.”  Additional forms of the word…

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Orduimhreacha i nGaeilge: Ordinal Numbers in Irish Posted by on Jul 12, 2018

(le Róislín) One, two, three vs. first, second, third.  A haon, a dó, a trí vs. an chéad, an dara / an dóú, an tríú.  Ever notice how in both English and Irish, the word for “first” is totally different from the word for “one” (one/first, aon or haon but céad or chéad)?  Learners of English…

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Irish Words for ‘Potato’: Práta, Fata, Préata Posted by on Jul 8, 2018

(le Róislín) You may have heard the tune, “The Garden Where The Praties Grow”.  Ever wonder why it’s not, “The Garden Where The Spuds Grow,” since “spuds” is another  popular nickname for potatoes in Ireland? We may not have the answer to the “spuds” aspect of the question, but we can at least discuss the…

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