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Italian Temporal Expressions Exercise Posted by on Feb 19, 2019 in Grammar

Here’s an exercise based on our recent articles about temporal expressions.

Fill in the gaps in the Italian paragraphs below using expressions from those two articles. You you can find them here:
Italian Temporal Expressions – Part 1
Italian Temporal Expressions – Part 2

N.B. in some cases you will have more than one option.

Serena: “I met Carla and Massimo at the market this morning. They came back from a holiday in Puglia the day before yesterday.”
Geoff: “Why don’t we invite them over for dinner next week end? We haven’t seen them for a long time.”
Serena: “Okay, I’ll phone them now.” … “Hi Carla, are you free next Saturday? We’d like to have you over for dinner.”
Carla: “I’d really like that, I’ll have to ask Massimo first, but at the moment he’s not here. I’ll call you back in a couple of hours, alright?”
Serena: “Alright, we’ll talk again soon. Bye!”

Serena: “_______ al mercato ho incontrato Carla e Massimo. Sono tornati _______ da una vacanza in Puglia.”
Geoff: “Perché non li invitiamo a cena per _______? E’ da tanto che non li vediamo.”
Serena: “Sì, va bene. _______ gli telefono.” … “Ciao Carla, siete liberi _______? Ci farebbe piacere avervi a cena da noi.”
Carla: “Mi piacerebbe molto, prima però devo chiedere a Massimo, ma _______ non c’è. Ti richiamo _______, va bene?”
Serena: “D’accordo, ci risentiamo _______. Ciao!”

Ravenna. Foto di Geoff.

Geoff: “Do you remember that time we went to Ravenna?”
Serena: “Yes, it must have been about four years ago. I’d like to go back there one day.”
Geoff: “Me too, in fact I was thinking that we haven’t been on a trip lately, we could go there next week. We don’t have any urgent commitments right now. What do you think?”
Serena: “That’d be great! And then if we’re still free we could go to Mantova next month.”

Geoff: “Ti ricordi quella volta che siamo andati a Ravenna?”
Serena: “Sì, deve essere stato circa _______. Mi piacerebbe tornarci _______.”
Geoff: “Anche a me, infatti stavo pensando che _______ non abbiamo fatto nessun viaggio, potremmo andarci ______________ non abbiamo impegni urgenti. Cosa ne pensi?”
Serena: “Sarebbe bellissimo! E poi, se siamo ancora liberi, _______ potremmo andare a Mantova.”

Geoff: “Have you seen my blue gloves around? I used them last Saturday, but I can’t remember where I put them.”
Serena: “Up until a couple of days ago they were on the table in the living room, I don’t know if they’re still there, have a look.”
Geoff: “These days I seem to loose everything!”
Serena: “From now on put them with your hat, then you won’t loose them”
The next day – Geoff: “Serena, have you seen my hat?!? 🤔”
Serena: “😤”

Geoff: “Hai visto i miei guanti blu da qualche parte? Li ho usati _______, ma non mi ricordo dove li ho messi.”
Serena: “_______ erano sul tavolo in soggiorno, non so se sono ancora lì, dacci un’occhiata.”
Geoff: “_______ mi sembra di perdere tutto!”
Serena: “_______ mettili col tuo cappello, così non li perdi più.”
_______ – Geoff: “Serena, hai visto il mio cappello?!? 🤔”
Serena: “😤”

Solutions to follow later this week.

Buon Divertimento!

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