10 AMAZING Latin Posts for the Latinist Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Latin Language

From the last two years as a Latin blogger I wanted to take this opportunity to go over my top 10 posts regarding Latin words, phrases, and quotes.


1.25 Latin Phrases Every Student Should Know

2.Latin: Love Quotes & How to write a love letter

3.Latin Profanity

4.Abbreviations in Latin

5.Popular Movie Quotes in Latin

6.Latin Facebook Challenge

7.Conversational Latin

8.200 Latin Roots

9. Popular Quotes Translated into Latin

10. 100 Most Common Latin Words


I hope you enjoy these and I look forward to next week’s post.

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  1. David L. Crockett:

    My Latin teacher in high school, many years ago, shared a poem with the class entitled “Unus Canis et Duo Puer”. It was comical in nature (about two boys and their hound dog on a “coon” hunt under a full moon). It was a mixture of Latin, English and a corruption of both. All I recall is, “The nocht was lit by lux of luna, twas a nocht most opportuna for a possum oe a coona.
    Unus canis and duo puer, the former of which there was none truer…
    That’s as much as I recall. I’ve tried to find the enrire work, with no luck. Can anyone help?