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Happy Summer in Norway Posted by on Jun 30, 2018 in Holidays, Nature

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Hurra, det er sommer! (Hooray, it’s summer!) For most nordmenn (Norwegians), that means ferie (vacation). Fortunately, in a diverse country like Norge, there’s always a lot to do – especially when sola skinner (the sun is shining)! 🙂

Liker du å bade? (Do you like bathing?) Finn fram badetøy og håndkle (find your bathing clothes and towel) and join your friends på stranda (at the beach). Norway is full of fjorder and innsjøer (lakes), which gives a lot of opportunities to swim (å svømme). The water temperature can reach surprising heights in the country, but of course there’s also places such as snow-fed fjellsjøer (mountain lakes) that stay cold most of the year…

Mange nordmenn er glade i båt (many Norwegians like boat[ing]). If you don’t have your own båt [bawt], try to chat a bit with the happy people at bryggen (the quay). With a bit of luck, maybe they’ll let you bli med en tur (join for a [small voyage)? Be ware that sola (the sun) blinking from the fjord’s silver surface can get really intense, so make sure to wear solbriller and lots of solkrem (sunscreen).

Turer i skog og mark (nature walking trips, literally ”trips in wood and field”) are always a possibility. Husk å ta med rikelig med vann (remember to bring plenty of water), especially if you’re planning to scale one of those steep and sunkissed fjellsider (mountain slopes)!

Perhaps after all the activities you now feel really svett (sweaty) and really just want to slappe av i skyggen (relax in the shadow). In a city there’s lots of things to watch and listen to (for example utendørskonserter – open-air concerts). At a smaller place you can always listen to måkene (the seagulls) and enjoy the scenery, maybe combined with a brus (lemonade) or an utepils (beer that is consumed outside) or a yummy Norwegian iskrem (ice-cream)?

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