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10 blogs on how to spend summer in Poland Posted by on Jun 30, 2017

Summer is here! It is such a beautiful time of the year in Poland. Visiting family, spending time at a wonderful city or beautiful quiet village, going horseback riding, sailing on gorgeous Polish lakes…All of it sounds great!   Visiting Polish coast is always a great idea! Beautiful beaches and some really interesting towns and…

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What Polish museums to visit and why? Posted by on Jun 27, 2017

Poland has a rich, often dark, but exceedingly interesting history to tell. Not limited to the simple course of time, and the events that have occurred within, the Polish story is one that is interested in so many ways: from war and conflict, to film, art, architecture and literature. Accordingly, there is a thriving museum…

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Shop till you drop in Poland Posted by on Jun 18, 2017

From large malls selling the latest fashion to small bakeries and crafts people directly retailing their lace to the public, this is an excellent land to find bargains and unique, handmade objects that will fit in your suitcase. Enjoy both aspects of Polish culture when hunting for things to buy like lace and beautifully carved amber…

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Banks in Poland Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

Poland now has a number of very good western style banks. Most banks in Poland have cash machines /ATM’S (bankomaty in Polish), which will dispense Polish currency,  making things easy for tourists who should be able to use their regular visa or master card to withdraw funds without having to deal with a money exchange…

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How to ask questions at the Polish tourist information agency Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

Thanks to the energy and resiliency of its people, Poland has emerged as one of Europe’s greatest post-communist success stories.  Known mostly for the medieval architecture, hearty cuisine, and Jewish heritage, this small country on the Baltic Sea has risen above a bleak history to become a growing tourist destination. Where to go, what to…

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Going to the movies in Poland Posted by on Jun 5, 2017

You may be going on a vacation to Poland. It could be summer vacation, spending Christmas vacation with a family. You may be staying in Poland for  a while for work, school…or maybe you just decided to move there? Well, going to the movies is always a great idea! There are definitely some great Polish…

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