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Poland has a reputation as one of the few European destinations where you still get a lot of “bang for your buck”! Exchanging money in Poland is the most frequent banking necessity for visitors. Consequently, it is necessary that you obtain the most for your money by getting familiar with these typical money words in Polish.

Today I will list some examples, that might be helpful.

The word for money in Polish is pieniądze. Credit card is karta kredytowa and traveller’s check is czek podróżny.

Despite the rather grandiose name, the Złoty is unfortunately not “golden” – which is the literal translation of the word – but comes in a variety of shapes, from the two tier colored 5 and 2 denominations, to the plain silver single Złoty coins.

The international accountancy acronym (międzynarodowy akronim księgowościfor the Polish currency is PLN (which stands for ‘Polish New’, as the Złoty is the currency that has been circulating since 1994), and this is what will be displayed in most bureau de change Kantor wymiany, or simply Kantor. In most Polish shops and markets, prices are displayed simply by displaying a number followed by (to indicate the price in Złoty), and less commonly, or for specific goods, Gr (to indicate Groszy).

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Do you accept American/Canadian dollars?

Czy akceptujecie  amerykańskie/kanadyjskie dolary?

Do you accept credit cards?

Czy akceptujecie karty kredytowe?

Where can I get money changed?

Gdzie mogę wymienić pieniądze?

What is the exchange rate?

Jaki jest kurs wymiany?

Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?

Gdzie jest bankomat?

I am broke.

Jestem spłukany/spłukana.

I am in debt.

Mam dług.

Do you have any money?

Czy masz jakieś pieniądze?

Can I borrow some money?

Czy mogę pożyczyć trochę pieniędzy?

Time is money.

Czas to pieniądz.

I do not have cash.

Nie mam gotówki.

I need to save some money.

Muszę zaoszczędzić trochę pieniędzy.

I just got paid.

Właśnie dostałem/dostałam wypłatę.

How much do I owe you?

Ile jestem ci dłużny/dłużna?

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Good luck with everything and I hope you will only have to use the positive words/phrases while dealing with the money in Poland.




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