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That sucks, dude! Posted by on Sep 30, 2013

E aí galera? What’s up, guys? In this video, I’m still at the Real Life English Party and the other two creators, Chad Fishwick and Trevor Pirtle, of this great project asked me to teach some slang. Trevor Pirtle said that I need to teach the slang: Velho and Paia. So, the slang Velho, it is the same…

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How to say ‘change’ in Portuguese Posted by on Sep 26, 2013

Hello, there! Every language has words that have several meanings and this is the case with “to change”. So here’s a little tip for you to get it right every time! 01. When we consider the aspect of modifying or transforming something, we say mudar: Ela mudou seu corte de cabelo. She changed her hairstyle…

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Stop burning my film, dude! Posted by on Sep 24, 2013

E aí galera? What’s up, guys? This week, my video is a little different. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a party called Real Life English, a party here in Brazil where you can only speak in English, and I interviewed two of the creators of this awesome project: Justin Murray and Josh…

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06 Expressions with Verb “Quebrar” Posted by on Sep 19, 2013

Hello, there! The verb quebrar, which means to break, has several and useful expressions in colloquial Portuguese. Let’s learn six of them! Ok, vamos começar! 01. Quebrar a cabeça = to rack one’s brain(s) Ele quebrou a cabeça tentando achar a solução do quebra-cabeça. He racked his brains trying to figure out the solution to…

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Be cool and Interjections of Surprise in Portuguese Slang Posted by on Sep 17, 2013

E aí galera? What’s up, guys? Today you guys will learn some ways to say “Be Cool” and some Interjections of Surprise. So let’s start with the expression “Be Cool”: The first way to say “Be Cool” is the real meaning of the word: Fica frio (fica = be, frio = cool), and you guys…

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Making Phone Calls in Portuguese Posted by on Sep 9, 2013

Olá, pessoal! Tudo bem? A reader emailed me and suggested I write something about making phone calls in Portuguese. I collected some useful phrases and sentences, so here we go! Ligando [Calling] Oi, eu gostaria de falar com o Pedro, por favor. [Hi, may I speak to Pedro, please?] Oi, o Pedro está? [Hi, is…

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