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Albums to listen to this weekend Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Learning, Music, Video

Olá, galera! (Hey, guys!)
When thinking about Brazilian music, anyone who is vaguely aware of our culture can’t help but immediately think of a smiling Carmen Miranda wearing a luscious fruit hat, or the bossa nova hit Garota de Ipanema as one of our músicas mais icônicas (most iconic songs). But these don’t even begin to cover the vast array of ritmos e estilos (rhythms and styles) of which Brazilian music consists. Samba, maracatu, axé, forró, frevo, pagode, sertanejo and funk are all examples of the many musical genres que podem ser encontrados (that can be found) in Brazil.

On my last post, I introduced you to Brazil’s movie production and discussed the role that assistir filmes (watching films) play when trying to learn a new language. Ouvir música (Listening to music) is no different, and one can make an enormous progress just by regularly hearing songs in a different language. Today minha meta (my aim) is to offer you two albums from the seventies that had a defining role in the music history of this country. You can find the full albums disponíveis (available) after each descrição (description).

A Tábua de Esmeralda (1974) – Jorge Ben Jor:
Jorge Ben Jor é um compositor (is a composer) from Rio de Janeiro, whose style blends elements from funk, rock, soul and samba (or what the artist himself likes to refer as rock samba). Ele é mais conhecido (He is best known) by international audiences for his hit Mas Que Nada, that has even been recorded by the Black Eyed Peas as a cover. A Tábua de Esmeralda is upbeat and psychedelic at times, but an accessible and widely admired album. Ele é considerado (It is regarded) as one Jorge Ben’s finest and most significant work. The title refers to the Emerald Tablet, presumably the founding text of the alchemy tradition. This ancient knowledge was an object of study and enduring passion of his. As such, alchemy and its philosophy are an underlying theme in the song lyrics. Jorge Ben Jor’s A Tábua de Esmeralda is esoteric, mystical yet firmly rooted in Brazilian swing. A perfect listen for uma tarde calma e ensolarada (a peaceful sunny afternoon).

Acabou Chorare (1972) – Novos Baianos:
Novos Baianos is a popular and influential group from the state of Bahia, whose album Acabou Chorare (No More Crying) has been elected como um dos melhores da história (as one of the best) in the history of Brazilian music. Its critical acclaim and commercial success is largely due to its irreverent and joyful approach to bossa nova, resulting in a distinct fusion of diverse tendencies and techniques that combine electric guitar, pandeiro, maraca, agogô, shaker, cavaquinho, among other characteristic instruments. The album was conceived under peculiar circumstances, though ideal for making music: the band relocated to Rio de Janeiro, where they alugaram uma casa grande (rented a large house) and lived harmoniously as a community (as illustrated in the cover). This atmosphere of cheerful creativity is reflected in their music, and Acabou Chorare is still a lasting source of both energy and serenity para seus ouvintes (for its listeners).

That’s it. Hope you guys appreciate the music! See you soon.

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  1. Cai:

    Also, “Bloco do eu sozinho” de Los Hermanos e “Dois” de Legião Urbana. 🙂