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Brazilian health Youtubers Posted by on May 29, 2020 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Learning, Video, Vocabulary

E aí, pessoal? What’s up, guys? Como está sendo o mês de maio? How’s May going for you so far? For about quatro meses (four months) now, the world’s media has turned almost exclusively to news not only on the contágio (spread) of the coronavirus pandemic, but also on its economical implications and the health and hygiene medidas (measures) for  COVID-19 prevention. Based on positive resultados (outcomes), some countries have even started to ease restrictions and lift the lockdowns. However, as we are flooded by the notícias (news), we tend to get information can be either misleading or just plain unreliable. An example that comes to mind is Donald Trump’s  suggestion that the consumo (intake) of disinfectant products could help prevent the new coronavirus.

In Brazil, the scenario seems to be increasingly bleak, either due to subnotificação (underreporting) as a result of the lack of mass testing, or to the lack of popular apoio (support) to the social distancing and quarantine measures, often promoted by own very own President Jair Bolsonaro. On the other hand, renowned specialists and médicos (doctors) have taken the lead in the mission of clarifying certain decisions and making information accessible to all in the luta (fight) against the coronavirus by posting videos on Instagram and YouTube. So far, two names come to mind: Átila Iamarino and Dráuzio Varella. Today’s post will focus on these major figures, whose channels not only have a huge number of visualizações (views) and assinantes (subscribers), but also offer the option to watch the videos enabling English legendas (subtitles), so you also get to brush up on your language skills while learning something about saúde (health).

The biologist Atila Iamarino (Photo by Atila on WikiMedia Commons)

Introducing himself as a divulgador científico (scientific communicator), Átila Iamarino is a biologist specializing in viral doenças (diseases) with a doctor’s degree from one of the best Brazilian universities (the University of São Paulo – USP) and a PhD from Yale. Though he’s been posting videos on Youtube for a while, his name rose to prominence shortly before the coronavirus made its way into Brazil. His extensive videos can be characterized by a fierce advocacy of horizontal isolation – the one in which the majority of the population must ficar em casa (remain at home) and measures to intensify the quarantine, always backed up by scientific analysis and predictions about the avanço (advance) of the virus in the Brazilian scenario. If you want to take a look at his videos, just click below:


Dráuzio Varella, in turn, is a physician and escritor (writer) beloved by Brazilians for decades, to the point of becoming a recurrent internet meme. With an extensive professional curriculum, Dráuzio’s work focuses on clarifying and demystifying medicine. In the 1980s he carried out educational radio campaigns to conscientizar (raise awareness) to HIV, in addition to working as a volunteer in the largest Brazilian prison, Carandiru, an experience that led him to write an award-winning book. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, the doctor started making short videos on his channel to ajudar (aid) the population, besides teaching the necessary cuidado (care) and prevention of COVID-19. Want to ouvir (hear) what Dr. Dráuzio has to say? Here you go:

The doctor Drauzio Varella (Photo by MarcOLV on WikiMedia Commons)


How do you keep informed about the coronavirus in your countries? Is there any other channel you subscribe to stay informed and updated? Be sure to comment below what you think of our text. See you next time, and fiquem saudáveis e fortes (stay healthy and strong)!

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