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Séries Brasileiras

Oi, pessoal! Hey, everyone!

Thanks to the rise of current digital media and streaming services, we are agora (now) living a modern golden age of television. Many critically-acclaimed television shows rose to success thanks to the overall improvement of quality and popularity provided by these new tempos (times). Ultimately, it hard to know alguém (someone) who is not following a series or sitcom. E você? (And you?) What are the TV shows you’re obsessed about?

Você foi escolhido! You have been chosen!

If you want to conhecer (get to know) a new show and, in addition, practice your Portuguese, why no watch Brazil’s latest television series 3%? As we discuss in previous posts, watching algo (something) in a foreign language is an amazing way to immerse yourself and advance your listening and comprehension skills.

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  • palavras-chave/key words: série (series), temporada (season), episódio (episode), maratona (binge-watching), gênero (genre), ficção científica (sci-fi), piloto (pilot), assistir (watch), seguir/acompanhar (follow)


3% is a Netflix produced show that was recently lançada (launched) in their programming on November 25th. The series belong to the futurist thriller genre and is a primeira (the first) Brazilian original series available on the platform.

The first season, filmed in the city of São Paulo, portrays a devastated Brazil in a post-apocalyptic future, suffering from a shortage of resources. The maioria (majority) of the population vive (lives) on the Continent, the miserable part of the país (country). At the age of vinte (twenty), however, all young people have the option of trying to ascend to the Maralto, a region with abundance and plenty of life opportunities. To be accepted in the Maralto, it is necessary to undergo a selection called Process, which involves rigorous physical, moral and psychological tests. At the fim (end) of the Process, only três por cento (3%) of the applicants are accepted.

The three pilot episodes had their production declined by dez (10) TV networks before being made available on Youtube in 2011. The episodes reached great repercussion and, as of March of 2016, Netflix announced its production. The company has also confirmed for a segunda temporada (second season).

Por que assistir? Why should you watch it?

Besides getting you in touch with Portuguese language, it is also worth watching for being one of the few accessible examples of science fiction from a non-American perspective. And, unlike other similar products, such as Divergent, Maze Runner and Hunger Games, where there is no chance of choosing to participate, 3% youth volunteer to take part in the Process.  If you’re still not convinced, maybe you’ll like to know that the series director, César Charlone, is the cinematographer of Brazil’s celebrated City of God and Blindness.

Take a look at the trailer:


If you’re interessado (interested), check it out on Netlix!
Tenham um bom fim de semana. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Anne Chernett:

    I maratona -ed it before you told me about it. I think it’s brilliant…and full of surprises.

    • carol:

      @Anne Chernett Hahah I’m so glad you like it! I hope this means there’ll be more Brazilians shows to come.
      Thanks for your reading our blog 🙂