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Carnival tips in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 28, 2019 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Entertainment, Geography, Holidays, Learning, Travel, Vocabulary

Olá a todos foliões! Hello to all revellers!

Brazil’s largest celebration, the carnaval,is coming up this week! And as its biggest and wildest party, it is of extreme importance to know how to take care of your saúde, bem-estar e segurança (health, well-being and safety) while you get rowdy. Today’s post will put together some essential tips to enjoy carnival and make the most out of the experience as you face the sun, the heat and crowds! You probably already know all of them by heart, or maybe you are even cautious enough to follow all of them, but can you say them in Portuguese? So here are the top recommendations for this festive season in our language! Divirtam-se e se cuidem! Have fun and take care!

Carnival in Brazil (Foto:Antônio Cruz/ABr [CC BY 3.0 br (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/br/deed.en)])

  • Beba com responsabilidade: cuidado com o abuso para escapar da ressaca ou de problemas mais graves de saúde | Drink responsibly: avoid abusing wither to escape the hangover or more serious health problems
  • Atenção à bebidas: não aceite bebidas de estranhos ou beba o conteúdo de copos alheios | Attention to alcoholic beverages: do not accept liquor from strangers nor drink the contents of other glasses
  • Use sapatos confortáveis: para encarar a dança e as longas caminhadas, opte por sapatos baixos, abertos e cômodos | Wear comfortable shoes: to face the dancing and the long walks, opt for flats, open and snug shoes
  • Use roupas leves e arejadas: deixe seu corpo respirar livremente | Wear light, airy clothing: let your body breathe freely
  • Use camisinha: sexo desprotegido pode levar a muitas consequências indesejáveis | Use condoms: unprotected sex can lead to many undesirable consequences
  • Mantenha-se hidratado: beba bastante água ou busque ingerir líquidos como suco ou água de côco | Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water or seek to ingest fluids such as juice or coconut water
  • Evite exposição excessiva ao sol: use sempre protetor solar ou tente se abrigar dos raios solares | Avoid overexposure to the sun: always wear sunscreen or seek to shelter from sun rays
  • Alimente-se regularmente: não passe muito tempo sem comer, faça lanches leves quando possível | Eat regularly: do not spend too long without eating, make light snacks when possible
  • Cuidado com seus itens pessoais: mantenha seu celular, carteira, dinheiro e documentos em um lugar seguro e fique atento em multidões | Beware of your personal items: keep your cell phone, wallet, money and documents in a safe place and stay alert in crowds

Um bom carnaval a todos! A great carnival to all of you!

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