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Expressions with the word água Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Culture, Customs, Learning, Slang, Vocabulary

Oi gente!

Let’s say someone asks you if you have been drinking “water that birds don’t drink”. Or if someone says they are going to your party “even if it is under the water”. Would you know how to respond to it?

How about taking a look at some expressions and sayings which have the word water in them.


Expressões com a palavra água – Expressions with the word water:

  1. Água que passarinho não bebe (literal translation: water that birds don’t drink) – used to refer to cachaça, the Brazilian drink.
  • Ontem no bar ele só bebeu água que passarinho não bebe. – Yesterday at the bar he drank only cachaça.
Cachaça - photo by waynewhuang

Cachaça – photo by waynewhuang


  1. Fazer tempestade em copo d’água (literal translation: to have a storm in a glass of water) – to overreact.
  • A situação dele não é ruim assim, ele está fazendo tempestade em copo d’água. – His situation is not this bad. He is overreacting.


  1. Tirar água do joelho (literal translation: take water out of the knee) – to urinate, it would be the equivalent of “to go for a pee”.
  • Bebi muita cerveja, preciso tirar água do joelho. – I drank a lot of beer. I need to go for a pee.


  1. Receber um balde de água fria (literal translation: to take a bucket of cold water) – to be disappointed or let down.
  • Recebi um balde de água fria quando fiquei sabendo que ele não vem à festa. – I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t coming to the party.


  1. Até debaixo d’água (literal translation: even under cold water) – no matter what.
  • Eles são amigos até debaixo d’águathey are friends no matter what.


  1. Mudar da água para o vinho (literal translation: to change from water to wine) – to change completely, usually for better.
  • Mariana foi uma criança muito antissocial, ela mudou da água para o vinho. – Mariana was a very anti-social child, she changed completely.


Ditados populares com a palavra água – popular sayings with the word water:


  1. Água mole em pedra dura tanto bate até que fura (literal translation: soft water that repeatedly hits a hard rock will eventually pierce through it). – used to illustrate a situation where being persistent works.
  • Você deveria mandar outro currículo para aquela empresa. Água mole em pedra dura tanto bate até que fura. – You should send another résumé to that company. Being persistent might work.


  1. Águas passadas não movem moinhos (literal translation: past waters don’t move mills). – used to illustrate that there is nothing that can be done about the past, so people should concentrated on the present and future.
  • Eu sinto muito que vocês terminaram, mas não adianta ficar chorando. Águas passadas não movem moinhos. – I am sorry you broke up, but there is no good in keep crying. It’s in the past now.


Até semana que vem!

See you next week!

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