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Listening Comprehension: TEDx Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Learning

I recently discovered that there are dozens of TED Talks from independent events in Brazil available online, and they’re not only fun and interesting, but they’re a perfect opportunity to practice your listening comprehension skills. It’s a great way not only to listen to a short speech, but to also pick up some slang and hear different accents.

Here we have a video from the São Paulo event for you to test your skills. Guti Fraga talks about starting a theater group for marginalized youth in Rio de Janeiro. Watch the video and try to answer the questions below.

To watch more TEDx videos in Portuguese, see below.
São Paulo
Sudeste & Rio


1. Where and when did Guti go that inspired him to start his organization?

2. How does the speaker express that he is anxious?

3. What was the group’s first big show?

4. What does he like to tell people about the school?


1. New York, 1985

2. Estou tão nervoso / Tô nervosão (both mean “I’m so nervous”)

3. Plays by Machado de Assis

4. It’s not a school for theatre; it’s a place where you can live art

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