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Soccer fans vocabulary Posted by on Jul 1, 2018 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Learning, Sports, Vocabulary

Vocabulário para torcedores em português

Olá, queridos leitores! Hello, dear readers!

This month, we already had two posts here on the blog covering vocabulary about soccer because of the Copa do mundo (World Cup) taking place right now in Russia. If you have not read it yet, it is worth taking a look, because in a country like Brazil, which has such a powerful futebol (soccer) culture, it is important to know these words and expressions. But, contrary to what some people think, most Brazilians do not play soccer that well. In fact, many of us are hopeless as players. So, it is much more common to find passionate fans than craques (great stars).

Although Brazil game days are not a national holiday, it is quite common for city halls and state governments to declare an optional day off for its workers. Some companies also dismiss their employees for the day so they can torcer (cheer). So today we are getting to know a few words from the torcedores (fans’) world.

Brazil’s soccer team with the torcida behind them (by Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=70349730)

sofá – couch | amigos – friends | assistir – watch

  • Nada melhor do que sentar no sofá com amigos para assistir ao jogo da seleção | Nothing better than sitting on the couch with friends to watch the game

pipoca – popcorn | jogos – games

  • A pipoca, fiel companheira dos filmes, também acompanha bem durante os jogos | Popcorn, the faithful companion of films, also goes well during the games

bar (sing.), bares (plur.) – bar | telão (sing.), telões (plur.) – big screen

  • Mas também é ótimo dividir esse momento com muita gente assistindo em bares ou nos telões que são colocados em lugares públicos | But it’s also great to share this moment with lots of people watching in bars or on the big screens placed in public places

cerveja – beer | estádio – stadium

  • A cerveja com certeza é a bebida alcóolica mais vendida tanto nesses espaços públicos quanto nos estádios | Beer is certainly the best-selling alcoholic beverage both in these public spaces and the stadiums

gol – goal | corneta – horn | apito – whistle

  • A cada gol, é muito divertido comemorar fazendo barulho com buzinas, cornetas e apitos | At every goal, it’s a lot of fun to celebrate making a buzz with horns and whistles.

foguete, fogos de artifício – fireworks | comemorar – celebrate

  • E há quem prefira soltar foguetes ou fogos de artifício And there are those who prefer to set off fireworks to celebrate.

soccer associations – torcidas organizadas | faixa – banner | bandeira – flag

  • Nos estádios, as Federações de Futebol que determinam se é permitido ou não que as torcidas organizadas levem faixas ou bandeirões | In the stadiums, the Federations determine whether or not it is allowed for soccer associations to carry banners or flags.

faixa (na cabeça) | headband

  • Por via das dúvidas, é melhor usar faixa só na cabeça mesmo | It is best to use only a headband, just in case

torcida – fans

  • A torcida é tão importante que no Museu do Futebol, que fica no Estádio do Pacaembu, em São Paulo, tem uma emocionante obra para homenagear as torcidas dos times brasileiros | The fans are so important that at the Soccer Museum, which is in Pacaembu Stadium, in São Paulo, has an exciting piece to honor the fans of Brazilian teams.

camisa – shirt

  • O importante mesmo é vestir a camisa e se divertir, torcendo sempre de maneira respeitosa e saudável, sem brigas e agressões | The important thing is to wear your shirt and have fun, always cheering in a respectful and healthy way, without fighting.

Cheer on, you guys!

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