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Feliz dia dos namorados! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dia nos Namorados
(photo by calendarr)

Now you must be wondering: isn’t Valentine’s day in February? Não no Brasil! (Not in Brazil!) Although many countries celebrate this date no dia quatorze de fevereiro (on February 14th), here romance is in the air no dia doze de junho (on June 12th), which is na próxima segunda (next Monday). But why? Let’s see some Dia dos Namorados facts and learn some words related to this occasion below:

  • Brazil’s valentine’s day in on June 12th desde (since) 1948
  • It coincides with the véspera (eve) of Saint Anthony’s day, also known as the marriage saint
  • Legend has it that Saint Anthony has reconciled many casais (couples)
  • Unlike Valentine’s Day in many places, Dia dos Namorados is not a holiday here, but couples do go out in the evening to celebrate the romantic day
  • Although there might be religious meaning, the date was actually created by an adman in São Paulo hoping to increase sales in June.
  • Dia dos Namorados in Brazil is a true commercial success and is now the terceira (third) most profitable date in the market, just after Christmas and Mother’s day.

Now take a look at some Dia dos Namorados-related vocabulary to get you in the mood for love:

love – amor

cupido – cupid

coração – heart

romântico – romantic

vermelho – red

abraço – hug / beijo – kiss

ficar com alguém – to hook up with someone

eu gosto de você – I like you /  eu te amo – I love you

dar um presente –  give a gift/ receber um presente – get a gift

flores – flowers / cartão – card  

namorado – boyfriend / namorada – girlfriend

se apaixonar – to fall in love

casal – couple / namorar – to date/ relacionamento – relationship / casamento – marriage

fazer reserva em um restaurante – to book a restaurant

sair – to go out

Quer mais? Want more?

So how about learning different ways to demonstrate your love in English? Veja:

10 maneiras de dizer ‘eu te amo’ – 10 ways to say ‘I love you’’:

  1. sou louco por você – I’m crazy about you
  2. não sei viver sem você – I can’t live without you  
  3. estou tão afim de você – I’m so into you  
  4. você é tudo para mim – You’re everything to me
  5. você significa muito para mim – You mean the world to me –
  6. você é tudo que eu quero – You’re all I want
  7. não paro de pensar em você – I can’t stop thinking about you
  8. você mexe comigo – You rock my world
  9. a gente se completa – We complete each other
  10. nós fomos feitos um pro outro – We are meant for each other

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Now you are ready to celebrate Dia dos Namorados in romance and style!

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      @AnaC Oops! Thank you for the heads up. It’s fixed now!