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Ways to Say Thank You in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 24, 2011 in Culture, Learning

Continuing with our lessons in how to show gratitude in Portuguese, here are several ways to say thank you in Portuguese.

1. obrigado – thank you

This is the most standard way to say thank you in both formal and informal situations. If you’re a man, you use obrigado, and if you’re a woman, you say obrigada. Brazilians sometimes cut off the o in front, so it may sound like ‘brigado or ‘brigada. You can also add a muito in front to say thank you very much (muito obrigada, or muito obrigado).

2. obrigadão

This is a slangy way to say muito obrigado. It means thank you very much, or thanks so much!

3. valeu

This is a slangy way to say thank you in informal situations. This is used by young people and among friends.

4. grato

This is a formal way to say thank you. Males would say grato, and female would say grata.

5. falou

This is the same meaning as valeu. It’s very slangy, and typically used among men in informal situations.


Obrigado pelo presente! Thank you for the gift.

–Precisa de carona? Vem comigo. –Obrigadão! Do you need a ride? Come with me. Thanks so much!

–Comprei biscoitos. Quer um? –Quero sim. Valeu! I bought cookies. Want one? Yeah I do. Thanks!

Pode terminar de escrever a matéria antes das seis? Grato. Can you finish writing the article before six? Thank you.

Falou cara. A gente se fala. Thanks, dude. We’ll talk later.

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