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Olá, pessoal!

Rodízio is a very Brazilian word and there are two basic meanings.

1. Rodízio de comida

Rodízio at Churrascaria Cruzeiro do Sul –

A rodízio is a kind of service at a restaurant that serves all-you-eat meals, especially barbecue. You can have:

rodízio de carne
rodízio de churrasco
rodízio de pizza
rodízio de risotto

In restaurants where rodízios are served the waiters go around with huge skewers of meat. Usually there’s a green or red flag you can put up for them to serve you or not. Also, included in the price there’s a full salad buffet and also desserts.

Some example sentences:

Cara, ontem fui num rodízio animal, pertinho de casa.
Você já foi naquele rodízio de pizza novo que abriu no shopping?
Eu não sabia que tinha rodízio até se risotto – é espetacular!

2. Rodízio de carros

Rodízio in São Paulo –

In big cities they have rodízio de carros. That means that on a certain day of the week your car can’t circulate, depending on the last number on its license plate. This is done to prevent huge traffic jams (which sometimes don’t work). If you’re driving your car on your rodízio day you may get a hefty ticket.

Here are the endings of the license plates:

Monday – 1 and 2
Tuesday – 3 and 4
Wednesday – 5 and 6
Thursday – 7 and 8
Friday – 9 and 0

Some example sentences:

Hoje é meu dia de rodízio, então vou ter que pegar dois ônibus e um trem.
Qual é seu dia de rodízio?

Do you have any of these kids of rodízio in your country? What are they called? How do they work? Leave your comments and share it with our community.

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  1. Mikajulia:

    Sim, tivemos.

    Antés de 1989, aqui, em Romenia, tivemos o rodizio dos domingos.

    Os carros não podiam mover em cada domingo.

    Tudo foi planejado depois as chapas de matricula do carro .

    Se teve uma chapa de matricula com numero impar , circularia só nos

    domingos com numero impar, e vice-versa.

  2. Timothy Aloysius:

    A useful post, but please watch the strong language, which could easily offend a native English speaker.
    “What Is A “Rodízio”? is heading enough.