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YouTube channels about sports in Portuguese Posted by on Jul 10, 2018 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Entertainment, Links, Sports, Video

Canais do YouTube sobre esportes em português

Oi, pessoal! Hey, guys!

Brazilians did not get the week off to a good start. As you may have heard, if you have been keeping up with sports new, our team was unfortunately eliminated from the 2018 World Cup last Friday. Now it is time to put down the ubiquitous verde e amarelo (green and yellow) decorations and get on with our daily lives. Who knows? Maybe next time. We will always stay positive, as least when it comes to futebol (soccer)!

The nation and the media are still trying to figure out what happened, what could have been different, what our weaknessess were. There are many ways to get informed and better understand what went down in Russia over the past few semanas (weeks), and one was to do that is by watching YouTube videos that concentrate on the topic. What is interesting about YouTube sports channels is that not ontly to they steer away from the traditional model of sports broadcasting on TV by dealing with the topic in a different, more informal tone and style, but they are also easier to access and available to anyone in the world.

Today’s post will compile três (3) sports channels on Youtube so you can learn more about what the World Cup represented to us and find out about sports and soccer in general, in addition to practicing your Portuguese listening skills!


Quite possibly one of the most famous Brazilian YouTube channel on sports, Desimpedidos rose to stardom during the 2014 World Cup and have now a fanbase of about 6 million inscritos (subscribers) on their social media. They even signed a contract with Fox Sports Brasil to have their own TV show. Desimpedidos’ most notorious characteristic is perhaps the way they have been able to be informative and humorous at the same, combining combining their conhecimentos (knowledge) about soccer with piadas (jokes). Watch their latest update here and check out for yourself:

Esporte Interativo

Another top-ranking Youtube channel that discute (discusses) sports in Esporte Interativo, with 3 million subscribers. Also a TV channel on cable television, one of their strategies to embrace digital platforms was to include the so-called influencers as part of the team, so as to reach wider audiences and to contrast the more formal and professional focus on TV. Esporte Interativo’s content produced for YouTube features a variety of apresentadores (hosts) and different kinds of programs. You can pick one here:


Falha de Cobertura

From the creators of the equally acclaimed and beloved Choque de Cultura, which is devoted to film reviews, the crew of Falha de Cobertura similarly approach cobertura esportiva (sports coverage) from a humoristic perspective, much like Desimpedidos. But it is unlike anything you might have seen before in that the hosts incorporate characters to play their roles: one is a former soccer star and the other is an aspiring sports reporter struggling to earn his degree. With about meio milhão (half a million) subscribers, the two of them analyze sporting events ranging from Winter Olympics to international soccer competitions. You don’t even have to be that into sports to enjoy it! Look them up here:

Did you like these canais (channels)? Are there any other you enjoy watching?

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