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3 Trending Topics on Russian Twitter Now Posted by on Nov 15, 2018 in Culture, News

Do any of you follow any accounts posting in Russian on Twitter? I follow a few journalists and organizations. We have posted about ideas on who to follow on social media before. Take a look at what was trending when I was writing this post.

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Igor Talkov Murder Case Reopened

The Talkov murder case has been reopened because the law now permits to hear a case in the defendant’s absence.

RBC reports, “Де́ло об уби́йстве Та́лькова возобнови́ли и́з-за измене́ний в зако́не” (Talkov Murder Case Reopened Due to Changes in Law). Igor Talkov (Иго́рь Талько́в) was a singer-songwriter popular in the 80s. Talkov was shot and killed in 1991 during a backstage conflict with another artist’s security guards.
In the end, prosecution determined that Talkov’s tour manager (конце́ртный дире́ктор) was likely the one firing the fatal shot (вы́стрел). However, the manager fled overseas and the law at the time did not allow for indicting a person in absentia.

Raising Utility Rates in 2019

Utility rates in Russia will go up twice in 2019—on January 1 and July 1—due to a 20% increase in the VAT. Dmitry Medvedev has signed a corresponding order.

Another trending topic is the rise in utility rates scheduled for 2019 (ро́ст тари́фов ЖКХ в 2019 году; ЖКХ stands for жили́щно-коммуна́льное хозя́йство). Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (Дми́трий Медве́дев) has announced that rates on utilities will be raised twice next year, as opposed to once a year.

According to Lenta, “Сре́дняя су́мма квита́нции на опла́ту ЖКУ в росси́йской кварти́ре в 2018 году́ — пять ты́сяч рубле́й” (“The average utility bill for a Russian apartment in 2018 is 5000 rubles“).

Mass Brawl Participants Sentenced

Participants in a massive fight at the Khovanskoye cemetery have been sentenced.

Ringleaders of a mass brawl at a cemetery (кла́дбище) in Moscow were sentenced to long prison terms. According to Ridus, “В ма́е 2016 го́да на Хованском кла́дбище произошла́ ма́ссовая дра́ка, в кото́рой уча́ствовали о́коло 200 челове́к” (“In May 2016 a massive fist-fight with about 200 participants erupted at the Khovanskoye cemetery”). The outlet reports that the fight (дра́ка) was incited by a funeral home director over spheres of influence.

Have you read any stories from Russia or any stories in Russian lately? What were they?

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