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How much do YOU know about Russia? Posted by on Mar 22, 2010 in Culture, History, News, Soviet Union, when in Russia

Well, that’s an interesting question to start the new week with, now isn’t it: «Сколько ты знаешь о России?» [How much do you know about Russia?]. There may be several answers to this question. In Russian these answers might look and sound like any of the four below (or come up with your own!):

«Ответ нескромных» [Answer of the immodest]: «Я знаю всё о России» [I know everything about Russia].

«Ответ тех, кто поскромнее» [Answer of those who are a bit more modest]: «Я знаю много о России» [I know a lot about Russia].

«Ответ скромных» [Answer of the modest]: «Я знаю мало о России» [I know little about Russia].

«Ответ уж очень скромных» [Answer of those who are very modest]: «Я ничего не знаю о России» [I don’t know anything about Russia].

 No matter what your initial and perhaps automatic answer to this question may be, here’s a quiz that you can take (in English) and find out what your knowledge actually amounts to: Do the Russia Quiz! And because this quiz finishes with a question containing an open hint (or hidden invitation) for everybody to come visit «Урал» [the Urals] here’s a fresh picture of what it’s like in the Urals in late March 2010 (taken by me earlier this evening):

«Холод и снег – неотделимые составляющие русской зимы» [Cold and snow – inseperable components of the Russian winter]. «Но когда, когда же зима кончится?» [But when, when will the winter end?] «И когда, когда же начнётся наконец-то весна[And when, when will the spring finally begin?]

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  1. josefina:

    I scored 88% – it could’ve been worse… Damn, I wish I had known before what the city of Perm was called during Soviet times! Век живи, век учись!

  2. Natasha:

    I don’t mean to criticize, but “сколько” normally requires a number for an answer. It’s much better to ask “много ли ты знаешь о России” 🙂

  3. Ellen:

    I got more than half right. Some of them I would have got right if I just thought a little harder.

  4. Anna:

    20/26. Неплохо! )

  5. Peter Groves:

    20/26. не неудача!

  6. Simon:

    Wow, 21/26! Admittedly, a few of my answers were educated guesses, but having a Russian wife probable helped — at least on the question about Russian cuisine. 😀

  7. yue:

    embarrassing for a russian having to guess half of the answers and getting a 73%..but then again, I am living in germany now and most of the questions were about geography which is not the best subject here at schools^^. I guess I need to look at the map some time soon..

  8. Lada:

    Никогда не слышала, что бы ТАК ставился вопрос.. “Сколько”- подразумевает счётное количество.Знание “посчитать” сложно. Но можно “измерить”. Мне кажется, более правильно “Как много Вы знаете о….(чём-либо)?”.Может я и ошибаюсь.

  9. Dmitry:

    “Your score is 73%. Just a fine fine score, what else can we say?!”

    There is a mistakes in this test, football (soccer)mutch more popular in russia, than icehokey. And “Kaviar” writes like “caviar”.