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6 Must-Know Hebrew Greetings Posted by on Aug 15, 2016


Every conversation starts with them, every conversation ends with them: greetings. They’re at the heart of every language, of every human contact. Knowing the Hebrew greetings provides you control over the interaction. הַי (means and sounds like the English “hi”) is the informal way to say hello. It’s short, it’s international and it’s very common.…

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Gorge on Ice Cream in Hebrew Posted by on Aug 1, 2016

Ice cream parlor in Tel-Aviv

My very first post on the Hebrew Transparent Blog was about ice cream. It’s been exactly one year, and we are now back again in the midst of the burning season. I can’t let a summer pass without a post about ice cream. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, it’s refreshing, it’s the best icy desert to…

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Hebrew Grammar: Consonantal Roots Posted by on Jul 19, 2016

Meir Park, Tel-Aviv

Like Arabic, Aramaic and Amharic, Hebrew also belongs to the Semitic language family. Semitic languages share similar features, such as grammatical conjugation, word order, and so on.  All of the Semitic languages exhibit a unique pattern of stems called Semitic roots. These roots are sequence of consonants, usually composed of three consonants. Two- and four-consonant…

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Hebrew Book Week Posted by on Jul 5, 2016

Hebrew Book Week June 2016 Tel-Aviv

90 years ago, at the first intermediate day of Passover, Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv prepared for the first Hebrew Book Day. The police orchestra played Hebrew tunes, notables delivered speeches, a couple of publishing houses set up stalls and sold their books at a 25% discount, and the mass observed what will become the annual Hebrew…

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Fashion During the Austerity in Israel (1949-1959) Posted by on Jun 16, 2016


It doesn’t happen frequently, but whenever I get home and the entire block is filled with cooking scent I know auntie is here. With her radiant smiles, fascinating stories and most important – delicious food. She blends, she bakes, she cooks, she fries and she does all that while she’s nattering. Nattering about her youth,…

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