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Fashion During the Austerity in Israel (1949-1959) Posted by on Jun 16, 2016


It doesn’t happen frequently, but whenever I get home and the entire block is filled with cooking scent I know auntie is here. With her radiant smiles, fascinating stories and most important – delicious food. She blends, she bakes, she cooks, she fries and she does all that while she’s nattering. Nattering about her youth,…

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Hebrew Grammar: First Person Pronoun “I” Posted by on Jun 8, 2016


Two first person pronouns for “I” appear in the Bible: אֲנִי and אָנוֹכִי. As in English both refer to a singular speaker, male or female. Although homiletic interpretations of the Bible try to differentiate the pronouns, literally they both mean I or me. Here are two examples for each pronoun to illustrate the similarity of…

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From the Israeli Press: Reality TV Show Bake Off Israel aroused Feministic Discussion Posted by on May 15, 2016


At the beginning of April this year, the first season of Bake Off Israel aired. The reality TV show The Great British Bake Off has came to the holy land to find the best amateur bakers couple. Three expert judges are examining the Israeli contestants’ cooking skills. Among them is Mrs. Carine Goren, a well-known…

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Tal: The Origin of a Common Hebrew Name Posted by on Apr 20, 2016

Tal - dew 1

I personally know nearly a dozen people that go by the name Tal (טַל), both men and women. It’s a pretty popular name in Israel, though it means “dew”. Yes, yes, the droplets of water that appear on objects in the early morning due to condensation. The Hebrew dictionary defined טַל as: רְסׅיסֵי לַיְלָה, טׅפּוֺת…

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The Girls are Back: The Gilmore Girls Reunion Cheers Up Israeli Girls Posted by on Mar 14, 2016

Photot by Ayana

  Ten months after the first Backstreet Boys` concert in Israel, the Israeli girls (בָּנוֺת) have another reason to cheer: the Gilmore Girls reunion! The show (תָּכְנִית) went off the air nine years ago, the viewers are a decade older, but the Israeli web is thrilled: the בָּנוֺת are back! Online articles announcing the good…

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