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Arabic Translation Answer: An Idea Posted by on May 24, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary

     Ahlan Arabic fans! Here is the English translation of the article “An Idea فــِــكــْــرة” by Mustafa Amin. For more information about Mustafa Amin, please check our blogs about him(part 1 and Part 2). Also, to view the article in Arabic, kindly refer to our previous post Fikrah فــِــكــْــرَة . I hope you will enjoy the article and the translation.

An Idea فــِــكــْــرة /Fikrah/ by Mustafa Amin February 6th 1996

    “At the time of Dictatorship, morals degrade, thefts and muggers increase, embezzlement double and degradation prevails.

     When tyranny increases, the size of corruption doubles and favoritism spreads. At the time of despotism, honorable men hide and walk last in line whereas criminals come to the front of all lines. Forged money spreads and the right one is hardly seen. Darkness becomes the base and light becomes the exception. Virtues minimize and people boast of their vices as if they are medals on their chests.

     Because of this, a tyrant becomes keen on promoting the corrupt and throwing down the honorable. He relies on a group of dwarfs with weak souls and dead consciousness.

     On the other hand, at the times of freedom, giants come up, great men appear, men who never bend or kneel down but to God, men who withstand disasters and never run away like rats, men who die defending what is right, who resist falsehood, men who believe in integrity, justice and equality, men who resist corruption, oppression and tyranny.

     It is difficult for a good honorable citizen to live at the times of corruption, times when promises are sold, seduction is increased, reputation is violated, crimes and accusations are fabricated. Hence, honor becomes a crime, integrity turns into a vice, sincerity becomes foolishness and mercy turns into weakness and cowardice. Dinosaurs appear spreading terror, debauchery and whoredom among honorable people.

      The good citizen can only live in a clean atmosphere where he breathes clean air not that infected and polluted air that pollutes honorable people, demolishes honest people, fights the strong and runs over the sincere people. This polluted atmosphere brings devastators near and sends reformers away, respects the thieves and muggers and despises the faithful who curse the rule of the individual and call for the destruction of the chains and handcuffs.

    Woe to the peoples who are doomed to tyranny, who are doomed to clap to slaves and curse freemen.”


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Peace  ســـَـــلام /Salam/

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