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Arabic Translation Exam-Answers Posted by on Mar 25, 2017 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! I hope you all enjoyed translating the 10 sentences in English to Arabic! I will plan to share more similar exercises that help you perfect your writing and reading skills. An important step in your learning journey is to be able to think, to the extent possible, in two languages interchangeably. This will be good for talking with Arabic speakers and writing short papers or texts. Today, I am sharing the translations of the sentences in Arabic. I have also transliterated each sentence so that you can pronounce them accurately. As always, dear Arabic lovers, stay tuned for interesting posts, songs, comprehension exercises, grammar lessons, and recipes in the near future.

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Translation of English sentences to Arabic

1) Muhammad’s family lives in Saudi Arabia.
Translation:عائلة محمد تعيش في المملكة العربية السعودية
Transliteration: ‘a’ilat Muhammad ta‘ish fi al-mamlaka al-arabiya al-su‘udiya.

2) Fatima is Omar’s oldest sister.
Translation:فاطمة هي أخت عمر الكبيرة
Transliteration: Fatima hiya ukht Omar al-kabira.

3) My friends and I had kibbe at a restaurant in Lebanon.
Translation: أنا وأصدقائي أكلنا الكبة في مطعم في لبنان
Transliteration: Ana wa-asdiqa’i akalna al-kibbe fi mat‘am fi Lubnan

4) Tabbouleh needs to be prepared with fresh ingredients.
Translation:يجب تحضير التبولة من مكونات طازجة
Transliteration: Yajib tahdir al-tabule min mukawinat tazaja.

5) I am planning a vacation to Egypt.
Translation:أحضّر عطلة الى مصر
Transliteration: Uhaddir ‘utla ila masr.

6) Have you ever tried Arabic coffee?
Translation: هل جربت يوماً القهوة العربية؟
Transliteration: Hal jarrabta yawman al-qahwa al-‘arabiya.

7) My mom prepares the tastiest Ramadan sweets.
Translation:تحضّر أمي أطيب الحلويات الرمضانية
Transliteration: Tuhaddir ummi atyab al-hulwayat al-ramadaniya.

8) My friends saw a nice concert in Dubai.
Translation:حضر أصدقائي حفلة جميلة في دبي
Transliteration: Hadara asdiqa’i hafla jamila fi Dubai.

9) I enjoyed walking around in Petra, Jordan.
Translation: تمتعت بالتجول في بترا، الأردن
Transliteration: Tamata‘tu bi-l-tajawul fi betra, al-urdun

10) I love learning the Arabic language!
Translation:أحب تعلّم اللغة العربية
Transliteration: Uhib ta‘allum al-lugha al-arabiya

For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts!
Happy Learning!
Have a nice day!!
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