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Run with Saudi Women in the Open Air! (2) Posted by on Sep 30, 2017 in Arabic Language, art, Culture, Current Affairs, Geography, Grammar, History, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Marhaba! Last time I share with you a clip about a group of female runners in Saudi Arabia that have found benefits in running in open air in the streets of the cities. I hope you enjoy the post and learned new things about Saudi Arabia, Arab women, and the Arabic language.
Today I provide you the answers to the questions posed last time. I hope you got most of your answers correct! I am reposting the clip in order to refresh your memory.


1. The name of the team is Bliss Runs
اسم الفريق بليس رانرز (Bliss Runs)

2. The team has several goals of which one is women’s health.
هذا الفريق له أهداف عدة منها صحة المرأة

3. 65 women.
خمسة وستين امرأة

4. A lot of reasons: higher oxygen levels, balance in breathing, the ‘happy’ hormone, sun and vitamin D.
أسباب كثيرة: نسبة الاوكسيجين أعلى، توازن في التنفس، هرمون السعادة، الشمس والفيتامين د

5. A team for adolescent women to teach them the proper running rules, and developing running awareness.
فريق للناشئات لتعليمهن قواعد الجري السليم، وإقامة توعية للجري


For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts!
Happy Learning!
Have a nice day!!
نهاركم سعيد


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