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Harbin Snow Sculpture Expo Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Culture

Thanks to its freezing temperatures, Harbin can play host to an annual Snow Sculpture Expo. Artists from all over the world come to show off their talents, carving very detailed snow sculptures. Enjoy a short video tour from the comfort of your home instead of freezing your butt off there in person!

松花江 – sōng huā jiāng
Songhua River

太阳岛 – tài yáng dǎo
Sun Island

雪博会 – xuě bó huì
Snow Sculpture Expo

长城 – cháng chéng
the Great Wall

天坛 – tiān tán
Temple of Heaven

狮身人面像 – shī shēn rén miàn xiàng
Great Sphinx of Giza

复活节岛 – fù huó jié dǎo
Easter Island

七个小矮人 – qī gè xiǎo ǎi rén
the 7 dwarves

史努比 – shǐ nǔ bǐ

中国地图 – zhōng guó dì tú
map of China

奥运火炬 – Ào yùn huǒ jù
Olympic torch

雪城堡 – xuě chéng bǎo
snow castle

休息 – xiū xi
have a rest


That wraps it up for our mini-series about Harbin. In case you missed any of the past posts, here’s an easy to follow guide:

  • Written Guide to the Ice and Snow Festival:  Get all of the details on the winter wonderland with this post, including ticket prices and opening times.
  • Harbin – China’s Ice City Videos – Part One: Explore Harbin in the daytime and enjoy some winter activities on the frozen Songhua River. Part Two: Take a stroll along the Central Avenue of Harbin at night and take in some Russian architecture along with plenty of pretty lights and ice sculptures.
  • 2013 Ice and Snow Festival Video: A video tour of the incredible Ice and Snow World of Harbin, which features an entire castle made of ice and full of neon lights. Not to be missed!
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