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Review of Dutch-English/English-Dutch Dictionaries Posted by on Mar 16, 2010

When learning any language, at some point you will need to purchase a dictionary.  But the question inevitably arises: what dictionary should I buy?  Currently the market is flooded with all kinds of dictionaries, for all levels of language, and they all have their own purpose.  Dictionaries are written with a specific audience in mind…

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How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Dutch, Plus the 3 Kisses Posted by on Mar 15, 2010

In Dutch there are many ways of saying hello and goodbye.  Which greeting you will use will depend on the time of day.  Most of the estimates for the times of day you can use these greetings are estimates, so use whatever seems most appropriate to you.  For the Dutch, the night greeting is usually…

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Annie M.G. Schmidt – Jip and Janneke Posted by on Mar 12, 2010

Where was I in my last blog..? O yeah, Jip and Janneke. Okay, so the two young next door neighbors, Jip and Janneke, appeared weekly in Het Parool, a famous Dutch newspaper. Annie M. G. Schmidt wrote the stories between the journalists and editors in the building of Het Parool. Jip and Janneke share kiddy…

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Useful Dutch Grammar Words Part Two Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

In Part One of this series, we covered some of the basic kinds of words and some basic parts of sentences. Now that we’re onto Part Two, let’s get into some more specific types of words, more complicated parts of sentences, and the names of the different verb tenses.  Just like in the previous list…

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Useful Dutch Grammar Words Part One Posted by on Mar 8, 2010

In order to get the most out of learning a foreign language it is very helpful to know the vocabulary for grammar.  Personally, I’m a stickler for grammar rules and the more grammar information I can soak up, the easier my learning experience becomes. Unfortunately, not all Dutch-English dictionaries provide the translations for the grammar…

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Who is Annie M.G. Schmidt? Posted by on Mar 5, 2010

I remember flipping through the pages of the books of Annie M.G. Schmidt as a kid, smelling the library scent of the paper, reading and thinking about the words and looking at the sometimes crazy pictures. The name Annie M.G. Schmidt didn’t mean much to me, even though I knew she was famous. For a…

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Words for Winter Weather in Dutch Posted by on Mar 3, 2010

Despite the fact that it is March, it has been a particularly cold, snowy and long winter here in the Netherlands.  If you are interested in tracking the weather in the Netherlands, there is a great little site called buienradar that tracks the weather across the Netherlands 24 hours a day. Here is a handy…

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