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Dutch Idioms 27 – Is it the truth? Posted by on Feb 11, 2022

Dutch Idioms leugens korte benen short legs distance meter uitdrukking expression spreekwoord saying

Sometimes we read something in the news, or we hear something raars (strange), we frown, and we ask ourselves: klopt dat wel? (Is that actually true?) Then we start digging, to uncover the waarheid (truth). And as we all know, truth comes out in the end. Or well, we say something like that in Dutch Idioms. Here’s how the Dutch…

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Dutch Idioms 24 – Fault and Justice Posted by on Sep 24, 2021

It’s Friday! How did your week go? Had a good one? Or did you spill your coffee on your way to work, having to go home and change only to arrive at work too late, and your boss telling you eigen schuld, dikke bult? It’s a thing we say in Dutch, which literally means “own fault…

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Dutch Idioms 23 – Stealing Animals! Posted by on Jul 19, 2021

Dutch Idioms Stealing Animals

In general, stelen (stealing) isn’t a good thing. In fact, most people would say it’s never right. But this depends on the point of view, of course! The one that steals might feel like they’re justified in their actions – the one that’s being robbed probably feels quite differently about that. Today, let’s look at two Dutch…

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Dutch Idioms 22 – Clocks Posted by on Jun 25, 2021

Dutch Idioms Clocks klok tikt

Welcome to another post on Dutch Idioms. Today, we have a spreekwoord (saying) and an uitdrukking (expression) on time – specifically related to our timepieces! While one is comforting, the other is rather stressful. These two idioms show you how differently time can be perceived, even if measured by the same device! For other idioms in this series, click…

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Dutch Idioms 21 – Meat! Posted by on May 31, 2021

Dutch Idioms Meat

As we all know, idioms are the best. And so, it’s time to continue the series! Today, it’s all about meat. Well, sort of. You’ll see. Here’s the first one, the spreekwoord (saying). For other idioms in this series, click here. De slager keurt zijn eigen vlees Literally: The butcher inspects his own meat He marks…

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Dutch Idioms 20 – Butter and Porridge Posted by on Apr 22, 2021

Welcome to another post in our series on Dutch idioms! Today it’s time for some more food-related idioms. Here are two uitdrukkingen (expressions) that combine the body and food in some weird ways. And somehow became well-known expressions. Let’s check them out. For other idioms in this series, click here. Boter op het hoofd hebben To live…

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Dutch Idioms 19 – Eggs Make It Easy Posted by on Mar 24, 2021

Dutch Idioms Little Egg Chicken Windei Wind Egg

Welcome to yet another post in our series on Dutch idioms! Today, I want to take a closer look at two pretty weird ones, and they’re both related to eggs. Without further ado, here’s the first for today: the spreekwoord (saying). For other idioms in this series, click here. Dat is een eitje! Literally: That’s a…

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