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The Best of Transparent Dutch: Grammar Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Dutch Grammar

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Dutch grammar can be difficult to master, but over the years, the Transparent Language Dutch blog has collected a number of excellent posts that make the task of learning Dutch grammar not only a snap, but a heck of a lot of fun too.

Here’s a master list of our top grammar posts that’ll have you spouting out Dutch like a pro!

Word Order? What Word Order?
Word order is probably the number one thing learners of the Dutch language struggle with. This post goes over the word order for main clauses (hoofdzin, in Dutch) as well as exceptions to the general rule for structuring main clauses. You’ll have the ability to practice what you’ve learned in the exercises at the end of the post.

Word Order in Main Clauses Continued
This post dives even further into the world of word order in main clauses. It is best if you read the above post first, but there is a recap at the beginning of this post. The rest of the post deals with conjunctions and the placement of direct and indirect objects. Some more practice rounds out this post as well.

Word Order in Subordinated Clauses
So now that we’ve got word order in main clauses down, it’s time to move on to word order in subordinated clauses (the Dutch call this the bijzin). See how the hoofdzin and bijzin fit together through the breaking down of various examples. Tricks to sounding like a native speaker, answers to the questions from Word Order in Main Clauses Continues, and a round of practice questions are also included.

Word Order in Indirect Speech
First, we take a look at just what indirect speech is before launching into hints for finding indirect speech in the Dutch language and what it does to the word order of a sentence. You’ll get the answers to the practice from Word Order in Subordinated Clauses as well as additional exercises to ingrain what you just learned into your brain.

Need extra Dutch grammar guidance from Transparent Language? We’ve got you covered.

For more Dutch language posts, just click on Dutch Archives & Categories at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. You’ll find the last thirty posts to the blog as well as blog categories (Culture, Dutch Grammar, Dutch Language, Dutch Vocabulary, Literature, News, Travel, and Uncategorized) and our monthly archives.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Who knows, you might inspire a future post 🙂

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