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French Grammar – What happened? Posted by on Apr 10, 2018 in Grammar, Vocabulary

To wrap up this latest series of grammar posts, here is a little story for you to practice your reading comprehension and to test your ability to recognize the different verb tenses.

To see the English translations, use the toggle to open the preview box after each paragraph. To review the various grammar concepts, including a few that weren’t technically part of this series, click the corresponding links in the text.

Mon fils vient de partir. Nous avons diné ensemble. On était censé diner chez mon frère, mais il a décommandé au dernier moment. Comme nous allons bientôt partir en vacances, mon fils et moi, je lui ai raconté l’histoire de mon premier voyage en avion.

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My son just left. We ate dinner together. We were supposed to dine at my brother’s, but he cancelled at the last minute. Since my son and I are going to leave on vacation soon, I told him the story of my first plane trip.

J’avais 14 ans et je suis allé en Floride avec mon meilleur ami, Edouard. Nous étions inséparables, tout le temps ensemble. Nous avons passés trois semaines chez les grands-parents d’Edouard pas loin d’Orlando ou nous sommes allés aussi (pour visiter Disney World). Une chose amusante nous est arrivée à Disney.

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I was 14 years old and I went to Florida with my best friend, Edward. We were inseparable back then, always together. We spent three weeks at his grandparents near Orlando where we went too (to see Disney World). A funny thing happened to us at Disney.

Nous étions assis sur un manège. Il faisait chaud et Edouard portait des tennis avec les lacets défaits. Le manège venait de démarrer quand Edouard a crié « J’ai perdu mes chaussures! » Heureusement ses chaussures n’étaient pas loin et nous les avons vite trouvées.

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We were sitting on a ride. It was hot and Edward was wearing sneakers with the laces untied. The ride had just started when Edward shouted “I lost my shoes!” Fortunately his shoes were not far and we quickly found them.

Maintenant, mon fils est parti. Je vais nettoyer la cuisine et après j’irai me coucher!

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Now my son is gone. I’m going to clean the kitchen and then I will go to bed.

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