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Mein Kaninchen. Own photo

Hello and welcome to another post! I’m going to be giving you vocabulary for animals in this post. What I find interesting is that it’s not just the animals that have a German name, but also the noises they make are in the German language! For example in English a dog would say “woof”, but in German he would say “Wau wau” (pronounced as “vow vow”), and a frog would say “ribbit” in English but in German he says “Quak”. After discovering that animal’s noises are also in German it inspired me to write this post, I hope you enjoy it!

die Haustiere                                                                                   

(Pets – literally translates to “house animals”)

der (die) Hund(e)                                                            the dog(s)

die Katze(n)                                                                       the cat(n)

das (die) Kaninchen                                                       the rabbit(s)

die Maus (Mäuse)                                                           the mouse (mice)

das (die) Meerschweinchen                                       the guinea pig(s)

der (die) Wellensittich(e)                                              the budgie(s)

der (die) Fisch(e)                                                         the fish

die Schildkröte(n)                                                           the turtle(s)

der (die) Hamster                                                           the hamster(s)

der (die) Papagei(en)                                                    the parrot(s)

die Schlange(n)                                                            the snake(s)

Talking about pets in conversation:

Hast du Haustiere? (informal, hence ‘du’)

Do you have pets?

Ja ich habe ein Kaninchen und zwei Meerschweinchen, und du?

Yes I have one rabbit and two guinea pigs, and yourself?

Nein leider habe ich keine Haustiere

No unfortunately I don’t have any pets



das (die) Pferd(e)                                                            the horse(s)

der (die) Löwe(n)                                                            the lion(s)

der (die) Leopard(en)                                                    the leopard(s)

der (die) Elefant(en)                                                      the elephant(s)

das (die) Schwein(e)                                                      the pig(s)

der (die) Affe(n)                                                              the monkey(s)

das (die) Hu(ü)hn(er)                                                    the chicken(s)

der (die) Hirsch(e)                                                          the deer(s)

das (die) Eichhörnchen                                                 the squirrel(s)

die Ziege(n)                                                                       the goat(s)

Do you have any pets or Lieblingstiere (favourite animals)? If you do share them in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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