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As the busy month of May is almost over now I was hoping you might have the time for a small competition! Here’s what you may win:

Xenophobe’s guide to the Icelanders, a book that looks at Icelanders through the eyes of a foreigner. Quite a bestseller among Icelanders themselves too! Here’s a review by the Reykjavik Grapevine.

Mamma Gógó, a movie by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. It tells two stories side by side: one of a movie producer whose latest production has nearly bankrupted him and another of his mother, who is ill with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the rather serious topics the film itself is gentle and almost comedic at points, skillfully avoiding sentimentalism, and even though I usually wouldn’t even consider using this cliche adjective I can now say that Mamma Gógó is indeed a heartwarming story. You can watch the trailer here on Youtube, although I must say they’ve cut it to make the movie look almost depressing (which, I assure you, it’s not).

The movie is in Icelandic with English subtitles, so it’s great material for a language student. Subtitles are also available in Icelandic, and they are an easy way of both learning pronunciation and training your ear to understanding spoken Icelandic.

Icelandic candy! I tried to pick some that are typical for Iceland: two kinds of licorice, plain and chocolate covered (the Tittir)(wonderful name too). Rhubarb sugar candy, as rhubarb is a very traditional treat here in Iceland, and of course an Iceland’s flag lollipop. There just has to be one of those.

3 postcards from Iceland, written in Icelandic. No photo of them yet because that’s a surprise. 😉

– Last but definitely not least, Transparent Language is offering the winner a 6 months access to Transparent Language Online. It includes for example over 100 lists of Icelandic words but that’s not all – it gives you access to ALL of the languages currently available! There may even be two of these codes available if there’s a large amount of participants.



The exam has four categories: General knowledge, History, Mythology and Icelandic + one extra question at the bottom. You’re only required to answer one question of each category, although answering them all is definitely allowed and will get your name in the hat twice. The extra question at the end is not compulsory either, but that, too, will get an extra entry for you. So for example compulsory answers + extra question = 2 entry tickets, compulsory answers + replying all the other questions + extra question = 3 entry tickets.

I’ve included links that will help you find the answers for all of the questions after each category, so don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. 🙂

Send your answers to icelandinmymind(at)gmail(dot)com by 17.7.2013. Please write in the subject field “Transparent Language: Icelandic exam“, that will help me see the competition entries among the rest of my e-mails easier. You won’t have to include your address yet: once I select the winner/s (by drawing a name from a hat) I’ll contact them for mailing details. Yes, there is a possibility of multiple winners – I’ll keep you all updated on this in the weekly posts!

If you’ve any further questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll reply them ASAP.



General knowledge on Iceland

1.) Who is the person in the above photo?

2.) When is the Independence Day of Iceland?

3.) What is the emergency number in Iceland that you should call if you’re in trouble?


Sequins, confetti…

Happy Birthday, Iceland!

Survive a Storm in Iceland


4.) According to the Old Nordic calendar the year is divided in two halves, summer and winter. On which month does summer begin (both Norse, Icelandic and English month names allowed)? What about winter?

5.) Why did Bæjarins Beztu become the most famous “restaurant” of Iceland?


The Old Nordic Calendar

A Hot Dog for Mr. Clinton


6.) How are Icelandic elves different from Tolkien’s elves? Name at least one difference.

7.) Hávamál translates as “Words of the High One”. By what other name do we know this High One?

8.) Name two of Loki’s children.


Beautiful and Dangerous

The Wisdom of the Vikings – Hávamál

Loki’s Children


9.) What are the four grammatical cases of Icelandic? What are their names in Icelandic?

10.) How would you order one cup of coffee with milk in Icelandic?

11.) “Tvisvar verður sá feginn sem á steininn sest” is an Icelandic proverb, which translates “the one who sits upon the stone becomes happy twice”. What does this mean?


Hafa, Eiga, Vera með

How to Order Coffee in Icelandic

Icelandic Proverbs

Extra question (not compulsory)

Watch the video that I’ve included and recognize correctly at least one Icelandic place, building, statue, natural wonder etc. that’s shown in it.

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